3 ways to show appreciation to recurring donors in 2019

Monthly giving is so important for many higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations. To help retain this support for the long-term, fundraisers know hhappy woman on comp squareow valuable it is to show appreciation to recurring donors. 

When recurring donors don't feel appreciated, it can cause their trust and confidence in the organization to fade. Donors expect that their contributions will help accomplish major goals, and when they don't see any recognition, they often wonder if this really happening. That can lead them to withhold their donations or seek other initiatives to fund.

Even as fundraisers like you recognize this need, it can be a challenge to devote considerable time and budget towards it. In this article, we share some of the best, low-cost tactics organizations are using to show appreciation to your recurring donors in 2019.

Make the recurring donor's impact clear

Donor reporting and status updates should always be a priority at your organization. Your recurring donors are among the most passionate supporters of your cause. Demonstrating their impact can often be as rewarding as anything to them.

That's why it's crucial that organizations put forth the effort to make this impact clear. The reports and status updates you provide to donors can include persuasive infographics, touching stories of those who have benefited, and progress reports on what has been completed and what is planned to come.

Send them some displayable merchandise

As we mentioned, your recurring donors are passionate and proud to support your organization. Very often, they would be happy to show others that they are involved in such a great initiative.

An easy reward that can satisfy donors like these is to send some merchandise they can show their friends and families. Some examples would be t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, magnets, posters, or calendars.

As a bonus, since these are usually shared publicly, your cause will see some added promotion any time your supporters use the item.

Make occasional exclusive offers

You can also help your recurring donors feel rewarded and appreciated by providing them an exclusive offer from time-to-time.

For example, when you have a large fundraising event coming up, you can offer recurring donors a special discount or early access to tickets. You can also hold small, exclusive events like webinars that help make your recurring donors feel even more involved in your mission.

Tactics like these will help your recurring donors feel like VIPs and can play a role in retaining their support for the long-term.

Looking for more ways to retain donors?

Preventing donor attrition relies on establishing donor trust and confidence. If your organization is striving to boost retention rates, our free Donor Trust & Confidence checklist can help. Download your copy here!