Our 5 most read blog posts of 2018: Pledge management, donation forms, Salesforce and more

Revisit our top blog posts of the year for topics like pledge management and online donation formsAs the year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to catch-up on Causeview’s most popular blog posts of 2018.

This year’s most read articles explored how new technologies can assist fundraising and advancement teams with pledge management, online donation forms, supporter relations, and more.

Check out the five posts below to revisit the trends, analysis and news that Causeview.com blog readers were most intrigued by in 2018:

How to improve pledge management

Pledge management should be simple. In a perfect world, donors commit to give to your organization on a set schedule and through a set payment type. And they would always stay consistent with their initial allocation choices.

Of course, alumni and donor relations officers know that is very rarely the case. So why does pledge management constantly burden organizations, and what can be done about it? (Read More)

5 main reasons nonprofits are ditching their old donor management systems

Nonprofits like yours rely on donor management systems to help them work efficiently, tackle opportunities and reach their goals. Being central to operations, fundraising organizations deserve the best database technology to help achieve their missions. Luckily, newer platforms have solved many of the challenges created by outdated tools.

What, in particular, is motivating nonprofits to leave their old donor management systems behind? Read on to learn the five most common reasons. (Read More)

The next steps after implementing recruitment on Salesforce HEDA

A higher education institution’s success begins with effective student enrollment, and solutions for recruitment on Salesforce HEDA have made that easier than ever.

With tools like TargetX, schools can leverage Salesforce’s Higher Education Data Architecture to bring enrollment tasks into their ‘Connected Campus’. From tracking communications to processing admissions, these apps let you successfully kick-off the student journey. As such, it’s often the first objective that colleges and universities have when they begin using HEDA.

Of course, a higher education institution’s goals for the Salesforce platform are much broader than just admitting great students. The enrollment process can also become the initial touch-point for potential donors and the ‘Connected Campus’ can provide additional opportunities. Which next steps should you take after implementing recruitment on Salesforce HEDA? We have three suggestions for you. (Read More)

4 things to think about when designing online donation forms

Whether you have one online form or many on your organization’s website, you know how important they can be to your fundraising or advancement performance. You may have several programs that aim to drive supporters to the form, but ultimately, that page itself needs to succeed at converting them.

So how can you ensure that your donation, event registration, volunteer sign-up or any other form is best suited to encourage visitors to complete it? Here are four things to think about for your page design. (Read More)

Introducing CV-Impact: Donation Management for the NPSP

Users of Salesforce.org’s NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) know that it gives them a great set of tools to manage all of their constituent relationships.

At Causeview, we’ve built incredible donation management tools, with over $130 million in gift processing through our solutions. Now, we’re thrilled to be working with Salesforce to bring it all together.

CV-Impact brings powerful donation management to the Nonprofit Success Pack. Here’s what it can do for your organization. (Read More)

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