What to look for at the 2018 Salesforce Higher Ed Summit

Learn about the 2018 Salesforce Higher Ed Summit

At Causeview, we’re getting excited for the 2018 Salesforce Higher Ed Summit, beginning March 21st in Washington, DC!

As a Gold Sponsor, we can’t wait to speak with schools about donor management, gift processing, and making pledge management painless.

What should attendees look out for to get the most out of the Higher Ed Summit? We have five suggestions!

Explore the Connected Campus from end-to-end

Salesforce has developed the Higher Education Data Architecture – or HEDA – enabling schools to connect their campus administration on the world’s leading CRM. You can follow students’ course progressions, clubs, degrees, and career paths. From admissions to student services, HEDA is an ideal platform for schools of any size.

You can learn all about HEDA at the Higher Ed Summit and discover how it can improve operations and results throughout your institution.

Discover the best HEDA apps for your school

In addition to the out-of-the-box tools that are part of HEDA, you also get access to over 3,000 add-ons from the Salesforce AppExchange. These can help you build out your Salesforce instance into the perfect, unique solution for your school. Many of these app developers will be on hand at the Higher Ed Summit.

When it comes to alumni relations and advancement, be sure to visit the Causeview booth to learn how our donor management and gift processing functionality can complete your school’s Salesforce system.

Learn what’s involved in an implementation

Software implementation can be a troubling idea – but it doesn’t have to be. At Higher Ed Summit, you can meet with a variety of implementation partners that can help make it simple. You’ll also be able to hear it from schools who have successfully completed the process.

You'll hear sessions on best practices from projects at UMass Amherst, University of Kentucky, and more. You can also enjoy case studies and panel discussions about department-specific implementations to existing Salesforce instances.

Get inspired by the Salesforce Higher Ed Summit keynotes

You don’t have to focus entirely on higher education just because you’re at a conference based around it. The 2018 Higher Ed Summit brings together three incredible keynote speakers that can inspire your leadership skills and thinking.

Where else can you hear from a former NASA executive and astronaut, a Silicon Valley superstar, and a previous Secretary of State? You won’t want to miss the chance to hear Charles Bolden, Guy Kawasaki, and Madeline Albright deliver keynote speeches at the Higher Ed Summit.

Take advantage of the great networking opportunities

Everyone knows that networking with industry colleagues is a valuable part of attending a conference. But that’s especially true at the Salesforce Higher Ed Summit.

Not only does the event bring together leaders and technologists from amazing schools and industry partners. So many of them are focused on the opportunities existing with the Salesforce platform. This gives you the perfect chance to explore the best practices, tips and tricks, and ways to get the most out of Salesforce to benefit your school, your team, and your students.


Causeview is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Higher Ed Summit. You can learn about how Causeview Advancement for Salesforce helps schools convert more alumni into active donors at Causeview.com.

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