Leveraging your advancement CRM to drive alumni volunteering

Higher education institutions are lucky to have students on-site to support their initiatives, but there are many reasons why alumni volunteering is still required.

Alumni are, by nature, a bit older and experienced, so they can bring skills to the table that students won’t have. The school schedule may also mean that there are times when current enrollees aren’t available.

Effectively leveraging your advancement CRM can help your school identify the right volunteer prospects and encourage them to participate. We explore how to get the best results:

Identify those who still live in your region

While it’s possible that some would come from afar, those living near your school will always be the most likely to volunteer. If you’ve been keeping accurate alumni data after graduation, this shouldn’t be a challenge.

You can begin your process by creating a list of those still living within an hour of your school. From there, you will have a base of volunteer prospects to begin promoting opportunities.

Reach out to those who volunteered as students

Some individuals are more inherently wiling to go volunteer their time and efforts than others. While it’s certainly not the only factor, those who have volunteered for school initiatives before will be more likely to offer their help than others.

This information can be hard to come by, but it doesn’t have to be. With an advancement CRM connected to student activity records – like Causeview Advancement is with Salesforce’s Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) – you can have the insights right at your fingertips.

Segment messages by recent giving

If an alumnus has recently donated, you have an indication that they remain engaged and passionate in your school. That means that volunteering may be another great way for them to stay involved. By segmenting this group, you can thank them again for their recent gift before suggesting that they can further give back through volunteering for an upcoming event or campaign.

At the same time, those who haven’t donated in recent history could be great targets themselves. It’s very possible that they do remain engaged but simply haven’t had the funds available to contribute. With different messaging that offers them a volunteer opportunity, you can provide a non-monetary way for them to show support.

Leverage career data to suggest alumni volunteering roles

As mentioned above, one reason why alumni make great volunteers is the professional experience they can bring to the table. That also means that some alumni will be better suited for certain roles than others.

With good, updated data in your advancement CRM, you should be able to segment communications about different volunteer roles to the right alumni groups. For example, those working in management roles may make great team leaders. In other cases, you may be seeking a speaker with experience in a certain industry or field.

Not only will this help ensure that you get the right support, but it will also help make your alumni feel personally needed, rather than just thinking they are names on a mailing list.

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