3 common advancement CRM challenges you can easily avoid


With the launch of Causeview Advancement, we’ve had the chance to speak to experts at many fantastic higher education institutions and hear their advancement CRM challenges.

These professionals have used all sorts of platforms to manage their donors and donations. In many cases, though, they shared common problems.

Here, we look at three of the most frequent difficulties higher education intuitions face with their advancement CRM. As well, we'll show you how your organization can avoid these pitfalls so that they won't impact your important goals!

Disconnected from other data systems

Effective advancement campaigns depend, in large part, on the data that supports them. Within higher education, a lot of important information can come from other sources. For example, accessing student program data can help segment advancement messaging. In other cases, information from the school’s career center can help suggest ideal donor prospects.

Too often, though, access to this data is hindered by disconnected systems. If other departments use an entirely separate tool than advancement does, several problems are faced. For one, the advancement department is always reliant on another group to provide information, which slows down processes. Second, by transferring data from one system to another, there is a greater chance for manual or technological errors.

How to avoid it: That’s why we’ve built Causeview Advancement to seamlessly connect with Salesforce’s Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA). With more and more higher education institutions choosing Salesforce to manage functions from enrollment to career placements, Causeview Advancement gives you the simplest access to the most critical data.

Out of sync transaction records

In the digital age, advancement donations come from a wide variety of sources. There are the traditional offline gifts from cash and checks, but more and more of your donors want to contribute online via credit card or direct debit. Many of these aren’t one-time gifts either, as a large percentage are more complex recurring donations and pledges.

Providing these options to potential donors is crucial, and it ultimately serves a big benefit to institutions. But there’s also no doubt that it creates a management challenge. Among the most common difficulties is maintaining accurate data within both your advancement CRM and your payment processor. Every time a credit card payment is declined or a donor requires a refund, there is the potential to wind up without of sync data. For many advancement departments, over time this creates a significant data issue.

How to avoid it: Causeview Advancement is fully integrated with payment processing functionality. Whether you’re processing gifts directly from your website’s donation form or right from a constituent profile in Causeview, you can ensure that Causeview and your payment processor's data is perfectly synced. In the rare events where a discrepancy occurs, you’ll be notified right away so that it can be corrected before having an impact.

Too difficult to turn data into insights

Every advancement CRM is full of data. But while raw data is important for some functions, like accounting and one-to-one conversations, there are many other cases where it is more valuable in the aggregate.

Being able to turn data into clear, actionable reports and dashboards is what helps organizations make better, smarter decisions. However, too often, advancement teams find this too difficult a task in their CRMs to make use of on a regular basis. Sometimes, a few reports are setup for long-term use, but gathering the specific insights needed for an individual task can be too time-consuming and challenging to be beneficial.

How to avoid it: Causeview Advancement includes dozens of the most important reports and dashboards for advancement professionals, each just a few clicks away. When a unique insight is needed, users will find it a breeze to build their own reports with drag-and-drop fields. All in all, Causeview Advancement gives higher education institutions like yours the intuitive and robust reporting you need to succeed.

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