Advancement software: what's the latest in 2018?

Learn about the latest Advancement software for 2018

Are you up-to-date on the latest developments in advancement software?

Whether your school is exploring ways to improve your donor management capabilities or are just curious about the latest innovations, you’ll want to keep reading.

The legacy systems

Many schools still rely on legacy advancement software that was designed for a different era. Then, alumni relations representatives often relied exclusively on one-on-one meetings away from their office. While this is still a priority, needs have expanded. Older systems are generally server-based, meaning that they can’t be accessed easily away from the staff’s work computer. While this wasn't a problem in the past, today it creates inefficiencies. Your team can’t get data, update records, or complete other tasks on-the-go.

Because they are server-based, it is also more difficult for many legacy technology to integrate with other solutions your school uses. They are often decentralized, requiring several steps to move data back-and-forth. Some tools are one-size-fits-all and can’t be customized for your school’s unique needs. Even when they can be adapted, they are usually difficult to change after the initial setup.

What’s new in advancement software?

First and foremost, new innovations mean that advancement technology can now exist in the cloud. Rather than being housed on office servers, new tools now live online and can be accessed from any location with Internet access. Being cloud-based also makes it easier to integrate with other apps, solutions, and processes that schools rely on.

While old software was meant for tracking offline donations, new platforms account for supporters who want to give on the web. Today’s advancement software must enable easy tracking and management of both online and offline payments.

Another trend you’re likely to see with advancement technology is the focus on best-in-breed solutions. In the past, systems were isolated and organizations had to rely on whatever their chosen vendor offered. Now, software can be more flexible and schools can easily pick-and-choose from different tools to get the best possible results.

The perfect solution for 2018: Causeview Advancement with Salesforce’s HEDA

You should be familiar with Salesforce – the world’s leading CRM with over 2 million subscribers. Of course, with so many different types of organizations using the platform, there are sure to be some unique needs. Because of that, Salesforce developed the Higher Education Data Architecture, or HEDA, to specifically benefit schools. HEDA aims to bring together the ‘connected campus.’ With a data model that can support the complete student journey from recruitment to course registration and graduation, HEDA can improve operations throughout your school.

We’ve built Causeview Advancement to bring donor management and gift processing to Salesforce’s HEDA. Together, you can integrate your advancement department with your school’s other functions, access every piece of student, alumni, and family data, and customize your perfect solution with Salesforce’s AppExchange.

With Causeview Advancement, you can seamlessly process payments from custom landing pages and donation forms, or right on a donor profile. You get the tools to easily process complex pledges, recurring gifts, and event ticketing with discount codes. To see it in action,

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