Everything you need to grow major gifts using the Salesforce platform in 2019

Leverage Causeview and iWave for Salesforce to boost your major gifts

We recently launched a new eBook with our friends at iWave, detailing how your advancement or fundraising team can transform its major gift operations. The eBook places special focus on how you can do it all from the Salesforce.org platform, the world’s most popular CRM tool. You can download the complete eBook, “Major Gifts from Major Donors,” for free here.

For Salesforce users, or those considering moving their donor management operations to Salesforce, keep reading! This blog post shares tips on how Causeview and iWave can give you everything you need for success.

Identify & manage major donor prospects

Causeview’s applications for nonprofits and higher education institutions using Salesforce assist in every part of the major gift journey.

Causeview gives you the tools to track, segment and analyze your supporters. You can see their entire history with your organization, including past donations, volunteer roles, and events attended. Through reports, dashboards, and segmented lists, you’ll have several opportunities to spot the right candidates to become a major donor. From there, it’s easy to follow their progression, see records of calls and emails, collect relevant information, and share it with the right members of your team.

Major gift stewardship can be a long-term project, but Causeview’s donor management functionality will help you remain organized while progressing forward.

Add the right prospect intelligence

iWave’s prospect research and wealth screening tools give you fantastic insights so that you can improve your major gift operations.

You gain the resources to learn about a prospect’s ability to give and affinity for your cause. Combining information on demographics, income, real estate, and past donations, iWave gives you the intelligence that helps you focus your time, better understand your prospects, and increase your chances of converting major gifts.

iWave directly integrates with Salesforce so that you can capture all the relevant data right on your donor profiles. You can then use that throughout the stewardship process for reports, segmentation, and more donor management tasks.

Convert gifts and pledges

After managing your stewardship efforts, Causeview’s functionality will help you convert your prospects and generate revenue.

Many of your major donors will make their gifts through a pledge. This can include a detailed plan for their donation, including the dates payments will be made, the amounts of each payment, the type of transaction, and the preferred gift allocations. Of course, donations of this magnitude can get complex, with rounds of back-and-forth about the specifics of the pledge and changes that occur right up until the payments are made.

For instance, you may have a pledged donor who agrees to donate $100,000 once per quarter by check. But three days before the second payment of the year, they request last minute changes. For that transaction, they would like to pay by stock instead, and it will arrive one week later than planned. This type of complication is all too common in the pledge process.

Because of this, we've built Causeview’s Pledge Manager to let you simplify and control the major gift and pledge process. You can create a pledge opportunity and continuously adjust it based on your discussions with a donor about dates, amounts, payment types, allocations and more. But even once a pledge is agreed to, you can continue to make changes up until a payment is confirmed. Then, these changes automatically adjust on the pledge plan, donor profile, and in gift accounting. That means that they can be conveniently seen and managed throughout your organization.

Download “Major Gifts from Major Donors” to get started today

If you’re ready to enhance your major gift initiatives using the Salesforce.org platform, our new eBook is the perfect first step. Download “Major Gifts from Major Donors” free here!