Attracting the right donors for organizational growth in 2019

For nonprofits and higher education institutions,  the path to organizational growth begins with attracting the right donors.

Supporters can come onto your radar several ways before they become a key donor. It can be something as simple as a newsletter sign-up or a social media follow. Other times, they may attend a free event or even volunteer for your cause. You  can also begin the process by identifying them through a donor intelligence tool like iWave.

But before these supporters can become valuable donor prospects, there is important work that must be done to gain, sustain and build their interest. Here, we look at four pillars of donor attraction that help grow relationships, gifts, and organizational revenue.

Build as complete a donor profile as possible

The most successful stewardship efforts results from a deep understanding of the potential donor. This can help you build a stronger personal relationship, segment your communications to their interests, and attempt to increase support over time.

Fortunately, the tools available for nonprofits and schools today can allow you to track a lifetime of insights into a donor profile. You can connect a supporter’s full giving history and then record of events attended or volunteer roles taken. For higher education institutions using an integrated Advancement solution – like Causeview Advancement for the Salesforce HEDA platform – you can extend this to alumni information dating back to the initial school application to courses taken, clubs joined, and degrees attained.

With a truly complete donor profile, you will be well prepared to make an optimal ask of your supporters, and do so at the optimal time.

Track every interaction from a variety of appeals

The donor profile shouldn’t be static, rather it should evolve as your relationship with a donor does. As you use the tools at your disposal to build support, you should also be sure to record them. This should include phone calls you have with a donor and any follow-up tasks that result from them, emails sent, events attended, and more.

Of course, the key from here is not just recording information, but using it to help you grow the relationship. You should set reminders for future outreach to supporters and use the data to help you segment emails.

The detailed tracking can also help you in the big picture. With the ability to simply create reports and dashboards based on overall supporter insights, you can help develop strategies for the campaigns and projects you plan to undertake.

Leverage your in-person events

It’s no secret that you can build stronger relationships with potential donors from in-person interactions. That’s what makes your fundraising or advancement events so significant to organizational growth.

Not only are these events important revenue-drivers themselves, but they also give you the opportunity to connect one-on-one with key donors. However, development professionals often struggle to manage this goal with all that goes into carrying out a big event.

Causeview’s donor management solutions are also designed to help you grow donor relationships at your events. With mobile event check-in, you’ll know when your key supporters have arrived and have access to the relevant information you’ve collected. This will help you have productive conversations while always making the most of your donor’s valuable time.

Keep top of mind with segmented emails

The ease of sending effective emails can help you grow donor relationships by maintaining awareness and strengthening interest. With the insights you can collect in tools like CRM tools like Causeview, you can segment these emails to a constituent’s preferences and upgrade their support over time. Learn all you need to know about donor retention here.

Built for the platform, Causeview products help you integrate your donor data with powerful email communication tools. This can range from Salesforce’s complete digital marketing solutions like Pardot and Marketing Cloud, or to e-mail focused applications like MailChimp and Constant Contact, both of which have dedicated Salesforce integrations.

Putting it all together, you’ll be well-prepared to grow a supporter’s likelihood to donate, their lifetime giving, and to make donation requests at the perfect time. (For a complete guide to donor retention, click here.)

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