Three strategies for donor development on-the-go

Complete your fundraising goals while on-the-goToday’s professionals are tasked with being productive wherever they are, and donor development teams are no different.

Gift officers like you are often on the move, meeting with supporters and prospects. Often, you may line up a series of meetings for a day out of the office. Or, a new meeting or important phone call may pop up on short notice.

In both cases, it will be tough for you to effectively prepare if all of the materials you need are at your desk. But with today’s technology, it shouldn’t be necessary.

Donor development on-the-go

With many older donor management tools, data is only accessible from the office. Before going to a meeting, you need to do all your preparation from your desk. After it, you can't update information until returning to the office. This could be hours or days away, and your memory or quick notes you took may not be 100% reliable. This can lead to mistakes when you enter them into your donor database. Those can cause you to miss follow-up tasks or provide incorrect documents that hurt your supporter relationships.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. By managing donor development with Causeview on the platform, nonprofits and schools can access all relevant supporter information wherever they are. Plus, updating information is just as easy on your desktop as it is on your smartphone or tablet.

Here are the three keys to effectively managing supporter meetings and donor stewardship on-the-go.

1) Conveniently access your supporter information

By bringing together your donor and donation management activities on the platform, Causeview makes all your data readily accessible. You can certainly prepare for meetings well in advance, but it’s also a breeze to access key information out of the office. Whether you’re refreshing your memory before a big call or studying up before a day of meetings, the data you need is always available at your fingertips.

With Causeview, you can easily see a donor’s giving history, pledges, and any recent interactions with your team. You can also view the events they’ve attended and volunteer roles they took on. All of this allows you to plan effectively to steward each supporter, no matter the circumstances. For a bigger-picture view, you can even see intuitive dashboards or run reports with just a few clicks on your phone.

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2) Have your meeting with confidence

When you can access the key information right up until your meeting begins, you’ll enter with full confidence. You’ll be knowledgeable and well-prepared to speak with supporters, without needing a big stack of papers in front of you.

Should a question emerge about the donor’s history that you don’t know off-hand, you can get the answer for them quickly. By accessing their donor profile, you can see and share any specific information about pledges, past gifts, or anything else that may emerge. There will be no reason to tell your supporters that you need to do research and get back to them, so you can ensure your meeting is as productive as possible.

3) Immediately update your records

With access to Causeview on your smartphone or tablet, you won’t need to wait until you’re back in the office to enter notes. Rather, you can update the donor profile, pledge plans, recurring gift records, or process a new donation as soon as your meeting ends. You can also setup follow-up tasks or reminders for yourself or another member of your team.

This helps ensure that you can accurately enter information before the specifics slip your mind. Gift officers know that missing follow-up tasks or providing incorrect data to donors can sink your stewardship by making a supporter feel like they aren't valued. Causeview helps you keep every donor relationship strong as you can conveniently make your updates wherever you are through the platform. To learn more,

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