How to turn your school’s Homecoming into an advancement powerhouse

HMake your school's next Homecoming the most successful yetomecoming is a major event on the school calendar for students and alumni. School spirit often reaches its peak as alumni return to campus to relive memories, have fun, and see the latest developments.

Because of that, it’s also a significant opportunity for
your advancement department. Alumni are typically the most engaged they will be all year, making it a great time to reach them with your fundraising campaigns.

In this article, we share four key tactics that will help you make your annual Homecoming weekend a reliable advancement success.

Sell a variety of event tickets

Homecoming weekends are typically based around the events put on for current students and alumni. But since not every participant has the same interests, you should offer a variety of different event types. From parties to sports and networking events, you’ll have a better chance for success if you meet the needs of many groups.

To generate more advancement revenue, you should also have multiple event ticket levels at each of these events. You can have basic tickets that grant entry, or higher priced levels that include food and drink, better seating, or premium services. In addition to paying a bit more, those who select these higher levels will also help identify themselves as potential major donor prospects.

Showcase your campaigns and initiatives

When alumni return to campus, you get a fantastic opportunity to show them all the great things your advancement team has been working on. From the construction projects in progress to new student services, each of these initiatives should be on full display.

As these campaigns spark your alumni’s interest, you should make it easy to assist them in learning more and donating. There should be plenty of information pamphlets and advertising posters on display. You should also be sure to have up-to-date online donation pages that can help supporters quickly and easily contribute.

Encourage recurring gift sign-up

Beyond the one-time gifts that may be motivated by seeing your initiatives, it’s very beneficial to try and steward some supporters towards recurring gifts. For many of your alumni, Homecoming is the time they will be most engaged with your school after graduation. Promoting their ability to sign-up for a monthly contribution can prove very effective long after Homecoming has ended. Information should be readily available for Homecoming attendees on how to become a recurring donor.

When a supporter visits your online donation page, you should be sure to offer both single and monthly giving options to them. There, you should also explain why recurring giving can help your Advancement team take on more impactful projects. You should also consider having the suggested donation amounts automatically adjust when a recurring gift is chosen, so that the total gift becomes more manageable and doesn’t turn away interested alumni.

Connect with major gift prospects

With many alumni on campus for Homecoming, it can be a convenient and effective time to setup major gift meetings. Your advancement team can reach out in the weeks prior to schedule times to meet with prospects. As well, you can have representatives attend networking events to build and strengthen connections.

With centralized data in your donor management system, it’s easy to identify the right alumni to focus on. You can collect demographic information, track giving history, and know how engaged your alumni remain with your school. With event registrations flowing into this information, you will know who will be on campus that you should arrange a meeting with.

Causeview Advancement can help you make the most of Homecoming

Causeview Advancement is the donor management system built for the Salesforce platform. It allows schools to track, manage and grow their alumni relationships on the world’s most popular CRM.

With Causeview Advancement, you can coordinate your Homecoming events from planning to promotion and ticketing. Then, you can merge ticket sales data with years of alumni insights to make your next Homecoming the most successful yet.

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