How to involve students in advancement campaigns with on-campus events

Advancement initiatives most commonly target your school’s alumni, but what about your current students? They may have different motivations, but that doesn't mean they can't be activated, especially with on-campus events.

Here, we look at why it may be worthwhile for your advancement team to explore exciting campus events to get your students involved:

What makes students different

Your active enrollees fit a much different profile than alumni. They have less disposable income to make outright donations. They generally see more value in great experiences than networking opportunities. And, luckily for event planning purposes, they often live in a common area.

But while students may not have a big budget for donations, they usually have some devoted to entertainment. Similarly, they are much more likely to see the benefit of a fun day or night out with friends than they would in networking evenings or a speaker series. This means that there is still a way to get your students contributing to your school, it just may take different types of events than it does for alumni.

Finally, when it comes to convenience, you can’t find a better fit than holding an on-campus event, where most of your potential attendees are likely just a few minutes away.

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Examples of on-campus events you can run

The most successful on-campus events for students give them a memorable, enjoyable experience that they're willing to spend on. Many times, these will be challenges or other physical activities.

some examples of these include -a-thons, such as bike-a-thons or eat-a-thons. You can easily set these up right in the heart of your campus, by placing a stationary bike or dance video game in the student center or other common areas. Team events are often very rewarding to students as well and can include things like a campus-wide scavenger hunt.

These types of events don’t have to be physical, though. Testing mental skills can allow you to complement your school’s educational programs. For example, consider events where students compete in trivia or showcase a talent. You may even convince a professor or two to join in. You can always offer something more passive, too, like a movie night in the main lobby or on the football field.

How to execute your event

There are a few elements to pulling off a successful on-campus event for students. The first is getting the word out. With your students roaming through campus daily, placing posters in high-traffic areas can quickly inform the right audience. You can supplement this with social media promotion on Facebook.

From there, you will want to have a way to turn the interest into revenue for your advancement initiatives. Most typically, this is done through a registration fee that students pay before the event. Part of this fee covers the operational costs, but the majority should be directed towards future school projects and goals.

It will be important to help students sign-up in the way they're most accustomed to: with an online and mobile-optimized registration form. Causeview’s ActionPage designer allows you to create intuitive event registration forms and process sign-up fees in just minutes, all fully integrated with your donor data.


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