Salesforce’s HEDA for Advancement: What schools need to know

Salesforce’s Higher Education Data Architecture is a fantastic platform for schools, but what about HEDA for Advancement? Whether your school is already enjoying HEDA or just learning about it, this guide is worth a read!

What is Salesforce’s HEDA?

You should be familiar with Salesforce – the world’s leading CRM with over 2 million subscribers. Of course, with so many different types of organizations using the platform, there are sure to be some unique needs. Because of that, Salesforce developed the Higher Education Data Architecture, or HEDA, to specifically benefit schools.

HEDA aims to bring together the ‘connected campus.’ With a data model that can support the complete student journey from recruitment to course registration and graduation, HEDA can improve operations throughout your school.

What can you do with HEDA?

While Salesforce has historically been developed as a business-to-business sales tool, HEDA enables you to manage campus interactions. You can track student relationships, from family members to program advisors, and affiliations, including the high school they came from, clubs they join, and departments they belong to. HEDA is also flexible for following student progressions through courses, terms, and programs.

In addition, HEDA includes access to the many features Salesforce has become known for. Reporting is intuitive and customizable. Users can also build the solution that meets their exact needs by accessing over 3,000 tools on Salesforce’s AppExchange.

HEDA for Advancement

A common question about Salesforce’s HEDA relates to managing advancement and alumni relations. As advancement departments know, revenue opportunities don’t end when a student graduates. What happens after they’ve left campus? How can you continue to track, engage and steward their support? How can you nurture them to eventually contribute major gifts to your institution? And how can you turn their support into pledges, donations, and payments?

Salesforce has announced an upcoming enhancement to the HEDA data model to support advancement departments. This will enable your team to access all of the information and insights you need to build long-lasting alumni relationships.

Introducing Causeview Advancement

Causeview Advancement – now available on the Salesforce AppExchange – transforms HEDA into a complete donor management and gift processing system.

With Causeview Advancement, your school can get started today on establishing, tracking and growing alumni relationships. Built for HEDA, it connects all your activities with years of student records to help drive the best advancement performance.

Then, Causeview Advancement lets you easily process gifts. You can design donation forms for your school’s website or standalone landing pages, and even create payments right within Salesforce. Whether you’re processing major gifts, pledges, split donations or event tickets, you can generate revenue with Causeview Advancement.

We're excited for the future improvements to the HEDA data model and look forward to supporting these changes to provide the best solution for any advancement department.

To learn more about Causeview Advancement, watch this short video:


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