The next steps after implementing recruitment on Salesforce HEDA

Follow these three steps after implementing recruitment on Salesforce HEDAA higher education institution’s success begins with effective student enrollment, and solutions for recruitment on Salesforce HEDA have made that easier than ever.

With tools like TargetX, schools can leverage Salesforce’s Higher Education Data Architecture to bring enrollment tasks into their ‘Connected Campus’. From tracking communications to processing admissions, these apps let you successfully kick-off the student journey. As such,  it’s often the first objective that colleges and universities have when they begin using HEDA.

Of course, a higher education institution’s goals for the Salesforce platform are much broader than just admitting great students. The enrollment process can also become the initial touch-point for potential donors and the ‘Connected Campus’ can provide additional opportunities. Which next steps should you take after implementing recruitment on Salesforce HEDA? We have three suggestions for you:

Create a plan to manage student success

Once the students you recruited have arrived on campus, it becomes time to deliver a remarkable experience. Doing so will ensure a rewarding education for students and help them achieve success that boosts your school’s reputation. Plus, it opens the door for them to participate in advancement programs as future alumni.

After implementing recruitment on Salesforce HEDA, you should give thought to how you will manage student services. With HEDA, you can build functionality or select add-on apps that address your needs. This could include class sign-up, campus programs, and other tracking of a student’s time on campus.

Implement an Advancement solution

The years students spend at your school are very formative, but they will spend much more time as alumni. For your institution, that is typically the most impactful. The success they go on to achieve will serve as an ongoing reference for your school. And their relationship with your school can lead to them becoming a key donor to your institution.

We’ve developed Causeview Advancement to bring an end-to-end alumni relations and donation processing solution to Salesforce HEDA. It allows you to convert alumni into active donors, manage every gift type including complex pledges, and automate administrative tasks throughout your advancement department.

If your school is looking to take the next steps on HEDA, you should see a free Causeview Advancement demo. You can choose a convenient time here.

Take advantage of your integrated data

By managing recruiting, student services, and advancement on Salesforce’s Higher Education Data Architecture, you will be in a great position to make the most out of your fantastic vault of data.

You’ll be able to track a student’s journey from the very beginning. You’ll track their hometowns and preferences as an admissions candidate. From there, you’ll be able to follow their progression on campus. You can see the courses they take, their professors, clubs they join, and their degrees. Then, with an alumni relations solution like Causeview Advancement, you will be able to use the insights you’ve gathered to create a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial connection.

Ready for your next steps after implementing recruitment on Salesforce HEDA?

Is your school’s next goal to incorporate advancement and alumni relations in your HEDA ‘Connected Campus’ solution? If so, we would love to show you Causeview Advancement.

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