How to use our free message templates to engage alumni on LinkedIn


Our new resource, 10 free templates to engage alumni on LinkedIn is now available for education advancement professionals!

LinkedIn is the platform where former students are most likely to be actively participating. We’ve been thrilled to hear from those who have downloaded the templates that they’ve become a valuable resource for their advancement department.

If you haven’t downloaded the templates yet, or if you haven’t gotten started using them, here’s a walk-through to help you get the best results:

Read through the templates

Table of Contents in the LinkedIn Message Templates

The 10 Message Templates for Engaging Alumni on LinkedIn includes nine pages of helpful communication tactics. The first step to putting them to use is getting to know each of the message types and when to use them. Then, you'll be in a great position to spot the right opportunities.

Devote 10 minutes to reading through the document, and then you’ll be all set to benefit from this new advancement tool. You may even pick out a few of the templates that you can use right away.

Connect with and follow your alumni

The next key step is to connect with your alumni and spend some time monitoring their LinkedIn updates.

Here, you can learn about the needs and opportunities that exist for you to provide value to former students. Have they been looking for a job? Are they seeking referrals for an open role at their organization? Are they proud to have reached an accomplishment or new position?

Sometimes, LinkedIn users will make this clear in an update they share. In other cases, it may take more attention and tracking. A user may reveal good news with a simple change of job title or may make a job opening apparent by sharing a post from their company.

Just "copy and paste" when the time is right

When an opportunity arises for you to help alumni or make a request of them, our templates make it as easy as can be.

To start a new message thread, click the blue “Message” button on a contact’s profile, right below their name and photo. You can then simply copy and paste from the LinkedIn Message Templates document, right into a direct message.

Adjust the message if needed

We designed the LinkedIn Message Templates to fit the most common opportunities that arise. We also made sure that they were flexible to fit as many variations as possible.

Of course, there are always especially unique circumstances. You may have had previous discussions with an alumnus that you want to mention. Or you may know some additional information about them or their situation that is worth referencing. The more personal your message is, the better it will perform.

As well, there may be some important customization that your team wants to add-in. If there is a common slogan your school would incorporate or an important campus memory your alumni will relate to, it can certainly help to mention them.

Ready to engage alumni on LinkedIn?

If this sounds like a tool that can help your advancement department engage, steward and convert alumni, download the 10 LinkedIn Message Templates now and get started in minutes!