Important 2018 fundraising event trends for success

Photography is central in 2018 fundraising event trendsWith spring here, the 2018 fundraising event season has officially arrived. As nonprofits and schools launch their campaigns, it’s the perfect time to explore the newest success factors.

These fundraising events have two important functions. They can drive a significant portion of an organization’s annual revenue. They can also serve as building blocks for long-lasting, fruitful supporter relationships.

With that in mind, take note of these trends and how your next event can benefit from them:

Make it easy to photograph

Image-based social networking apps are booming at the moment. Instagram and Snapchat continue to grow in popularity, and many of your attendees would love to share photos of their experiences.

You can help by making sure there are unique focus-points at your event. Whether it’s a fun finish line at a walk-a-thon or a great photo backdrop at a gala, you can bet that guests will be sharing them online. Give your organization or campaign’s brand a boost by featuring their names, logos, and hashtags in spots you expect to be photographed.

Encourage year-round giving

Fundraising events have always been central to revenue generation. But rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, more and more organizations are using fundraising events to promote other giving programs.

Most commonly, the trend is to encourage attendees to sign-up for recurring, monthly donations. You can have members of your team on-hand to speak with guests about the value of reliable giving. If it would seem out of place at your event, you can always have brochures on display that explain the benefits.

Seek sponsors who want to reach millennials

Beyond the direct proceeds, sponsorship is another way that organizations can benefit from their fundraising events. The type of sponsor you seek may depend on the type of event you are running. But taking note of one trend can help you find lucrative partners.

Fundraising events continue to bring out large numbers of millennial attendees. For businesses, this presents a great opportunity to get in front of an audience that is tuning out traditional advertising. Putting together a pitch for these companies whose primary customers are millennials can help you find very valuable sponsors.

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Extend the day beyond your event

The use of social media has made it much easier for organizations to get value out of their event, even with those who don’t attend. Rather than the entirety of the attention being placed on the event itself, you can use the awareness it brings to create a full day campaign.

Now, your fundraising event can be the centerpiece of an entire day devoted to your cause. For example, a local children’s charity may have a gala at the end of a full day campaign. Make sure to create a social media hashtag like #____KidsDay, substituting your city’s name at the beginning. You should also seek media opportunities that day and use them to promote your projects and programs. Then, the buzz will have an impact on both those who do attend and those who can't.


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