3 important lessons from Giving Tuesday 2017

Giving Tuesday 2017 is in the books – and what a success it was. We hope that all our Causeview users benefited from the annual giving day.

With the new year on the horizon and lots of strategic planning sure to follow, we wanted to look back on this year’s Giving Tuesday trends. The impactful day always provides valuable lessons for nonprofits of any size.

Giving Tuesday keeps growing

Giving Tuesday 2017 continued the trend towards more participants and more generosity. And the growth rates are staggering!

As shared on the official Giving Tuesday Twitter account, 50% more donations were made on Giving Tuesday 2017 compared to last year. That brought this year’s total to an amazing 2.4 million gifts. All in all, there was a total of $274 million raised on Giving Tuesday, up from $168 million in 2016.

If your organization hasn’t participated to date, it’s becoming clear that Giving Tuesday is a can’t-miss fundraising opportunity going forward.

It’s Twitter’s day to shine

Throughout the year, a variety of social networks impact fundraising performance. Facebook is constantly popular, while LinkedIn is an especially great resource for higher education advancement.

But on Giving Tuesday 2017, Twitter took center stage. This year, Giving Tuesday messages on Twitter were seen 21.7 billion times! Creating shareable content for social media, specifically Twitter, helps your message spread rapidly, which is very important when potential supporters are primed to give.

Giving Tuesday 2017 was about more than money

Giving Tuesday is usually thought of as a day when individuals can open their wallets towards great causes after spending on themselves and their families on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But that charitable feeling can extend beyond monetary gifts. In fact, in some cases, it may be easier for your supporters to give in other ways.

Canada’s Giving Tuesday organizers, for example, found that it was popular to donate blood, toys, food, and even hugs.

This is an important takeaway for nonprofits. Success on Giving Tuesday can come through gifts in a variety of forms, and your donor management platform should be able to account for them all. Be sure that you’re able to record and receipt soft credits, in-kind donations, and any other way your supporters want to contribute.

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