3 low-cost ways to reward your recurring donors


Nonprofits and higher education institutions know how valuable their recurring donors are. The reliable monthly revenue helps organizations take on bigger, more impactful projects. As such, recurring donors deserve a ton of gratitude.

As with any supporter, though, there is always the risk of losing a recurring donor. Sometimes, they may have other financial priorities or they may just see their interest fade.

Like in many other areas, effective rewards can help ensure that recurring donors maintain their support for the long haul. Luckily, offering them up to your contributors doesn’t have to break the bank! We look at three low-cost ideas to reward your recurring donors.

Make their impact clear

The most obvious reward you can provide is one that should always be a priority. Your recurring donors are among the most passionate supporters of your cause. Knowing the benefits that they’re helping to create can be the most rewarding return they could ask for.

There doesn’t need to be any financial cost to this reward, but organizations should make sure they put forth the effort to make the impact clear. You can do this by putting together persuasive infographics, sharing touching constituent stories, or providing high quality photos of completed projects.

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Send some displayable merchandise

As mentioned above, your recurring donors are generally passionate and proud to support your organization. Often, they would be thrilled to show others that they are involved in such a great cause.

A simple reward that can delight constituents like these is to send some merchandise they can display to their friends and families. Some examples would be t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, or calendars.

As a bonus, since these are typically shared publicly, your cause will see some added promotion when your supporters use the items.

Make an occasional exclusive offer

You can also help your recurring donors feel rewarded, appreciated and valued by providing them an exclusive offer from time-to-time.

For example, when you have a big event coming up, you can offer these supporters a special discount or early access to tickets. You can also hold small programs like webinars that help to make your recurring donors feel especially involved in your organization’s activities.

Offers like these will help your recurring donors feel like VIPs and can make a difference in keeping their contributions long-term.


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