3 signs your nonprofit should invest in a new donor management software

In the midst of your busy schedules, it can be hard to set aside time to think about bigger picture items like technology and productivity. But forgetting about them entirely can lead to challenges for your organization that impact your ability to raise funds and achieve your mission.

An effective donor management software or constituent relationship management (CRM) platform helps your nonprofit create efficient processes, build supporter relationships, improve fundraising results, and analyze performance. Those are always top-of-mind to your organization, which is why periodically reviewing your software needs is a good idea.

So where is the balance? How can your nonprofit keep its focus on day-to-day tasks, while not entirely losing sight of evaluating the software that powers you? We’ve focused on three clear signs that the time is right to explore a new donor management software!

Low usage from your team

Your CRM is supposed to help your team work smarter and more efficiently, but too many systems that nonprofits rely on go under-utilized. Whether the problem is complexity, lack of training, or just not seeing the value, the result is lost productivity and wasted spending. That is most definitely a sign that it is time to consider new options!

Organizations using Causeview, on the other hand, have reported very high utilization rates, with the vast majority of users enjoying the platform several times per week – way above the industry average!

Your needs are changing

As your nonprofit grows and evolves, you will often require different tech tools to solve new challenges and take advantage of additional opportunities. If your donor management platform, which sits centrally to your organization’s processes, isn’t adaptable, you will quickly see that it isn’t meeting your needs.

To get the most out of your CRM investment in the long-term, focus on flexibility! Causeview is built on the Salesforce platform, which gives nonprofits access to over 2,700 add-on apps to meet each and every need your organization has.

Your CRM isn’t changing

Just as your organization is constantly evolving, your CRM should be too. After all, the apps on your iPhone keep improving, so why shouldn’t something as crucial to you as your fundraising software?

As nonprofits are relying on email more heavily than direct mail, has your donor management software enhanced its digital communication capabilities or integrations? As more and more donations are coming in online, has your CRM connected you with online donation pages? As organizations aim to focus on data and analytics, are you being given a powerful and intuitive way to fundraise smarter?

Causeview is constantly enhancing our nonprofit solutions to help solve your challenges. We regularly introduce new features, advanced capabilities, and simpler processes to help you accomplish every one of your goals.

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