3 ways Facebook Live video can support your cause

If you’re a Facebook user – and most of us are, nowadays – you’ve probably heard and seen a lot about Facebook Live video streaming.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, Facebook Live lets users broadcast video in real-time from their smartphone to their Facebook followers or anyone they “share” it with.

From there, the stage is yours, and you can stay live for up to 90 minutes. While there is no minimum length, Facebook recommends sharing for at least 10 minutes, since it may take time for potential viewers to see that your broadcast has begun. Of course, the video can be replayed by any interested supporter after it has concluded.

While many individual users will use Facebook Live to share footage from concerts they attend or travel highlights, it can to be a great engagement tool for nonprofits. Here are some ideas for your cause:

Broadcast your events to those who can’t attend

Your fundraising events and other gatherings can accomplish many things, including making a big impression on attendees. With Facebook Live, you can share a lot of that with those who can't be there. From key speeches to the excitement of the event, you can use the tool to show those out of town or unable to join what they are missing.

In addition to reaching a bigger audience with your message, you can also help convince some people to join you the next time your event is run. Plus, if raising donations during the event is on the agenda, some of those watching at home or on their mobile device may be swayed to contribute as well.

Show the work that goes into your initiatives

Your supporters often see your fundraising campaigns and the end-results of your projects. But with so much time, effort, and money spent in between, it can be useful to expose the process to your donors.

This kind of behind-the-scenes footage serves two purposes. First, it further explains the value a donation has on otherwise unseen work. Second, video like this can feel more personal and less polished, which can help your supporters feel connected not just to your cause, but also with your organization and team.

Hold an interactive question & answer session on Facebook Live

Your cause is complex, and your supporters will always have questions they would like answered. From the latest research or newest trends to general understanding, a video-based Q&A can be an effective engagement tool.

Whether it’s a subject-matter expert or a team member, it’s simple to set them up in front of a smartphone camera to hold the interactive chat. Your supporters can ask questions right in the Facebook comments, making it easy for the host to read them aloud and provide the answers.

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