7 easy ways to promote your fundraising event on social media

When promoting a fundraising event, social media provides the perfect place to reach all of your potential attendees, from passionate supporters to those who might just enjoy the outing! Plus, you can do it all for little or no cost, helping your event’s revenues go directly to your cause.

So how can you get started? Here are seven simple ways to make your event a success by promoting it on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

1. Show how excited your organization is

Your supporters will follow your organization’s lead on social media, so the best place to start creating a buzz for your fundraising event is on your own accounts! Have your nonprofit’s official social profiles, and those of your staff, start discussing the upcoming event and your supporters will begin to take note.

2. Create a unique hashtag

When your supporters start talking about your event, it helps to create a hashtag – something like #FunRunForHope2016 – so that they can interact with each other, even if they have no other connection. You can search on social networks like Twitter to see if the hashtag is already being used, and begin using it yourselves once you’ve found one that fits.

3. Use the hashtags your target audience uses

Creating your own hashtags will help build buzz among those who are aware of your upcoming event, but using existing hashtags to talk about it will also help promote it to others who may be interested. For example, you can reach potential attendees by using hashtags related to your cause or the city your event will be held in.

4. Ask your registrants to share on social media

Many of your attendees will be excited once they have registered for the event. If they can share that emotion on social media, it will continue to build momentum and be passed to others who are considering it. You can ask them to share that they’ll be attending right after they have completed your sign-up form and in a confirmation or thank you email.

5. Engage with those discussing your fundraising event

The best nonprofit social media practices aren’t just one-sided. As attendees and potential registrants start discussing your event – which you can track by using the event’s hashtag – you should do your best to engage with them directly. You can send encouragement to those who have said they are thinking about coming, and thank those who have already signed up.

6. Give away a few free tickets

Everyone likes a chance to win something for free! Setting aside a few tickets for your fundraising event and randomly selecting some social media followers to award them to will help create even more excitement for your event, even among those who don't win.

7. Leverage your event’s sponsors

Your event sponsors will typically have large social media followings of their own. That makes them the perfect assistants to help spread the word about your upcoming event. You can make it easy for them to participate in promoting by crafting the messages you want them to share and letting them copy-and-paste them directly onto social media.

Do you have any favorite tactics for nonprofit social media and promoting fundraising events? Share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn!


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