7 Ways To Change and Improve Your Donor Engagement

shutterstock_1308573451Nonprofits clearly understand the need to attract donors and then keeping those donors engaged so they continue to support its mission. Where some organizations face a challenge, however, is in the implementation of effective donor engagement.

For starters, donor engagement shouldn’t be viewed as a requisite factor in order to see results on the bottom line. Rather, donor engagement should be viewed as an exciting opportunity for organizations to foster relationships with people who have a propensity to support their cause.

Fostering those relationships should be part of any nonprofit’s philosophy and here’s why. When your donors feel connected to your organization they are more likely to share their experience among family, friends, and colleagues who may be looking for a nonprofit to support, thereby expanding your organization’s network with new donors, sponsors and/or volunteers.

Tech Tools Simplify Donor Engagement Programs

Today’s wealth of tech tools makes it easier than ever to share, connect and interact with your donors, and not just your major gift donors, but all donors, large and small.

Here are 7 ways your nonprofit can start improving donor engagement right away:

1. Functional Database – Effective donor engagement starts with a functional database and a staff that knows how to retrieve the information. A properly maintained and utilized database can offer a wealth of information and can help you personalize and target your interaction with donors, sponsors, and volunteers.

2. Email Campaigns – Now your fundraising campaigns can land directly in your donors’ mobile device or computer inbox, making it easy for them to donate instantly online.

3. Personalized Invitations – Send personalized electronic invitations for your upcoming event directly to donors so you don’t have to worry about invites getting lost or misplaced. Plus let recipients respond instantly for an up-to-the-minute account of responses.

4. Solicit Feedback – Giving your constituents an opportunity to share their opinions is one of the most effective ways to improve donor engagement. Many CRM systems let you send out customized surveys to your constituents so you can get valuable feedback on your programs and events.

5. Regular Reporting – With donor retention becoming increasingly important, your organization should make regular reporting a priority. Donors and sponsors want to know how their money is being used and what progress is being made. You can update constituents via electronic newsletters or by emailing a link to an updated blog on your website detailing your latest efforts. You can also send links to any media coverage your organization receives so they can read third-party accounts of your success.

6. Prompt Acknowledgement – Many CRM systems let you automatically send out prompt thank-you responses, along with receipts that meet the appropriate tax revenue agency requirements. Donors shouldn’t have to track down tax receipts and even more important, their gift should be acknowledged promptly.

7. Make Volunteers Feel ValuedVolunteers are the backbone of many nonprofit organizations. Their efforts need to be realized and celebrated. Create an electronic newsletter or post a blog about their contributions. Go the extra step and send them personalized birthday cards to show them your organization values their involvement.

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