Are You Aware of the New Industry Standard in Donor Management?

The technological landscape of the non-profit sector is changing.

New realities have forced a complete re-evaluation of what makes an effective donor management software solution. 

The limits of what previously available solutions can offer have become more apparent; not all solutions offer applications that are:

  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Customized

But the good news is that there are new donor management products (including our Causeview solution) designed to address these very concerns by offering non-profits the capabilities that modern-day stewardship demands.

Usage Data Doesn’t Lie

Shifting trends are evident in usage statistics alone. Raiser’s Edge, a Blackbaud flagship product formerly considered an authority amongst industry solutions, currently reports approximately 13,000 customers. By comparison, more than 16,000 non-profit and higher education institutions use the CRM as their primary donor management tool.

And this makes perfect sense - the migration to and products based on the platform is a natural one for non-profit organizations. A worldwide CRM leader, Salesforce has brought the concept of cloud computing to over 100,000 companies globally. Their seamless approach features:

  • Easy administration
  • Lower costs
  • More collaboration amongst users
  • Vastly improved data security

Why Salesforce Trounces the Competition

These key advantages of Salesforce’s cloud model are benefits, which previously, only elite and large-scale non-profit organizations could afford. That’s no longer the case; non-profits of any scale can now access the same software advantages, powering increased donor participation for years to come.

With Breakeven's flagship product, Causeview, real-time stewardship has never been this accessible.

Causeview is built on the platform, which makes it user-friendly, simple and streamlined. Much like Apple offers an unlimited number of incredible APPs available on the iPhone and iPad, so too does Salesforce make available products like Causeview through its Appexchange platform.

Furthermore, the benefits of Salesforce's integrated community can’t be measured.

Consider this - the Foundation leverages the people, technology, and resources of the CRM community to build collective knowledge and enable the improvement of charitable communities throughout the world. In this ecosystem of partners who are experts in the needs of non-profits, an institution can find the support and reference needed to grow their practices in conjunction with emerging trends and industry standards.

Welcome to our blog

It seems fitting, in this inaugural blog post, to highlight our relationship with Salesforce. We are proud to be partners, contributing our landmark fundraising products like Causeview and Actionpages.

With this blog, we hope to bring readers the best practice thought leadership about how to facilitate real-time stewardship, as reflected in our Causeview offering and independent of previous approaches limited by complicated manual workflows.

The growing appeal of new platforms has redefined industry standards. The drawbacks of old processes will no longer be an excuse for limited success.

Capitalizing on the reliability and versatility of this approach affords an organization the ability to focus on what matters most – changing the world. Stay in the loop!