Better Understand Your Constituents with Effective Online Surveys

shutterstock_1161177175Feedback is a valuable tool for any business or organization, but perhaps even more valuable for nonprofits looking for ways to keep stakeholders engaged in its mission.

Generating feedback may seem like a daunting task especially if your organization does not have an extensive market research department or unlimited funding. But now you don’t have to let that stop you. Thanks to a wealth of online survey tools available, many nonprofits have already begun to see how easy it is to solicit and gather feedback so that they can make more informed decisions.

Choosing a Survey Tool that Integrates with Your CRM System is Key

If you’re ready to start conducting online surveys to better understand your constituents, or if you’re looking for a more robust solution than your current online survey program, you’ll need to consider a few key options.

A quick search on the Internet for ‘free online survey tools’ will net you a multitude of choices, each promising the capability of providing the functionality you need to conduct surveys. But a word of caution. Many of the free solutions come with limitations. In order to get full functionality and comprehensive analytical capabilities, you will need to pay for the upgrade.

You will also want to strongly consider choosing a survey tool that integrates with your CRM system so that you can import the information you collect into your database for better analysis. Once the information is collected, you’ll be able to easily and effectively measure the success of all your interactions with your constituents.

Here are some key features to look for in an online survey tool:

  • Easily Customizable Survey Templates
  • Multiple Question Formats
  • Skip Logic Technology (so respondents can move onto the next question without answering the previous one)
  • Website Integration
  • Unlimited Number of Surveys and Questions

4 Ways Surveys Can Help Your Organization

Online surveys can open the door to a wealth of information that you never before imagined. Your creativity in designing well-thought-out surveys drives the type of information you receive. Take a look at the following ways your organization can start benefiting from online surveys:

  1. Create Stronger Relationships – By soliciting the opinions of your constituents, you’re telling them that you value their opinions and you open a door for ongoing communication.
  2. Easily Assess Donor Satisfaction – Actively acknowledging your donors can be challenging. Holding onto current donors is as important as finding new ones. Online surveys let you measure donor satisfaction with your programs and the progress your organization is making.
  3. Improve Future Events – Encourage event attendees to give their opinions after a major fundraiser and discover what they liked and what they didn’t.
  4. Build Your Database – By embedding surveys in your website, blogs, and other social media tools, you increase your opportunity to connect with new potential donors and capture their contact information.

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