Causeview Did you Know? Households

What is a Household? What’s the difference between a household and an organization?

A Household is a special type of organization which allows you to group several individuals who live at the same address. This can be useful when representing families who collectively interact with your organization.

An Organization is any company, corporation, foundation, or organization which interacts with your organization.

In Causeview, organizations and households are both grouped under the “Organizations” tab, but they behave differently. Households serve to group individuals together and make connections easier to see, while organizations serve as the account for individuals and interact directly with your organization through gifts, opportunities, gift matching and more.

Organizations can serve as an account for an individual, meaning that the person works for the organization and the organization has an impact on your interactions with them.

Households, however, cannot act as the account for an individual.

Why are Households useful?

  • The Household feature allows you to streamline your communication with household members and allows you to better evaluate their total household contribution.
  • With Causeview’s Automatic Household Setting, the application can automatically create households for new individuals created. Please note that this feature is disabled by default but can be enabled at any time.
  • You have the ability to manually create Households at any given time (before or after individuals are created/members are assigned).

How to create a household?

1) Ensure household does not already exist (Search for existing households)

a) Use the global Causeview search box on top of the page to search for the household name. You can view the details of the selected household by clicking on the household name. Or search for partial components of the name to identify any potential matches. You can also use an asterisk(*) at the end of a name to search for any beginning with the value.

2) Create a new household and add household members if household does not exist

a) Navigate to the Organizations tab and select “All Households” from the View picklist and click on "Go".

b) Select “New Household” button.

c)  Input household name in the Account Name field, and populate all the household information.

d) Click on “Add New Member” to add household members (individuals in the application).

e) Look up an individual by inputting the Last Name of the constituent and click on “Search Existing Individuals”.

f) A list of matches will be displayed at the bottom of the form. Select the individual(s) to add as members of the household and click on “Add Selected to Household”.

g) Selected individual(s) will appear as household members at the bottom of the household creation page. You may select “Edit” to enter additional information (role, head of the household, household addressee and household salutation). Click on “Save” to save the information you entered. Repeat process to include additional household members.

h) Once all household members are added, click on “Save All”.


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