Causeview Release 1.970 - New Features

At Causeview, we are always working to improve our software so can you become more effective in your fundraising efforts.  

With every update, we send release notes to all of our valued customers. These release notes can be a little intimidating for some of our less technical customers

. As a result (and in response to some helpful customer feedback), we have decided to create a customer blog, where we will post a customer-friendly version of our most important updates. Below are the most important changes from the last release.  


1. "Other Amount" Field Update

Causeview Fundraising Actionpages (online donation forms) allow donors to select a pre-determined donation amount or enter any amount in the "Other Amount" box. Previously, the "Other Amount" box did not allow for entering values with decimals or special characters such as $ signs and commas. With the release of Causeview 1.970, the "Other Amount" box will now allow donors to enter their desired donation amount and also enter $ signs, commas, and decimal points.

2. Batch Reconciliation Update

The Batch Reconciliation section of the Enhanced (New) Gift Batch interface now automatically updates and provides you with a running total of your batch items, whether they are saved or not. Previously, items needed to be saved before you were provided with a running total. 

This update stems from the feedback we've received from our Causeview users. So if you have feedback on existing functionality, or have ideas for new features, please send them over! 

3. Transaction Status Update

Year-end is usually a time spent issuing consolidated receipts and acknowledgements for donations received during the course of the year, as well as individual receipts for new donations. Therefore, it's important that you're able to easily differentiate between transactions that have already been acknowledged and those that have not.  

Previously, only transactions where a single receipt had been issued were being updated to a status of "Acknowledged". With the Causeview 1.970 update, we have created a new trigger that will automatically set the Transaction Status to "Acknowledged" for any transaction that’s included in a consolidated receipt. Going forward, all transactions where a single receipt or consolidated receipt has been issued it will automatically update to a status of "Acknowledged".

4. Acknowledgement Email & iATS ACH Payment Update

ACH payments can take a few days to process through iATS. Previously, acknowledgements and receipts were automatically sent to the constituent, even though the payment was still pending. Due to this, receipts were still being issued to donors when the payment had not actually been approved.

 To remedy this discrepancy, we have updated our system to ensure that email acknowledgements, but not tax receipts, are sent to the donor when a gift is submitted through ACH. Then once the payment is approved, another acknowledgement is sent to the constituent with the tax receipt attached. This allows you to instantly acknowledge a gift received using ACH, delighting your donors, while waiting for the payment to be approved at the payment gateway.

What does this mean? There are now two different email acknowledgements for ACH Payments. The first is sent right away to acknowledge the gift and does not include the tax receipt. The second is sent once the payment is approved, and includes an acknowledgement with the tax receipt attached. By default, these email acknowledgements contain the exact same information. You have the option to change the email acknowledgement template for each email. If you require assistance in customizing your email acknowledgement templates, please submit a help ticket via the Causeview Help Center.

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