Causeview’s most popular donor management blog posts of 2017

calendar-square-768x767With the holidays approaching, we wanted to thank everyone for reading our donor management, fundraising and advancement strategy blog posts throughout the year.

As you get set to hit the ground running in January, we wanted to re-share some of our most popular blog posts from 2017. We hope you’ll find the data, insights, and analysis helpful to your upcoming goals!

Donor management

3 low cost ways to reward your recurring donors

Nonprofits and higher education institutions know how valuable their recurring donors are. The reliable monthly revenue helps organizations take on bigger, more impactful projects. As such, recurring donors deserve a ton of gratitude.

As with any supporter, though, there is always the risk of losing a recurring donor. Sometimes, they may have other financial priorities or they may just see their interest fade.

Like in many other areas, effective rewards can help ensure that recurring donors maintain their support for the long haul. Luckily, offering them up to your contributors doesn’t have to break the bank! We look at three low-cost ideas to reward your recurring donors. Read More…

4 donation follow-up emails you should be sending

Individual donations are vital to any nonprofit or higher education institution’s success. But fundraising and advancement professionals know that their work isn’t done after a gift is made. In fact, the opportunity may only be beginning.

Luckily, with digital communications and automation, many of the follow-up tasks can be made simple. Here, we look at four donation follow-up emails that should be scheduled and sent after an online gift is made. Read More…

Nonprofit strategy

How can small and mid-sized nonprofits compete with larger ones for donations?

Every nonprofit works diligently to generate support and donations from the public, but small and mid-sized nonprofits face an additional challenge. Not only must they convince the public that their cause is worthy, they also have to compete with larger, better-known organizations for funds.

What many smaller nonprofits don’t realize, though, is that their size gives them a key competitive advantage. With much less overhead and more personal supporter relationships, they have the potential to deliver a superior donor experience. Read More…

Higher education advancement

Advancement experts share their favorite digital strategies to engage alumni

Advancement teams in today’s age must use a variety of tactics to engage alumni. Traditional methods like direct mail and phone calls will always have a role. But more and more, alumni prefer to be reached online, and digital channels can prove very effective.

With that in mind, we asked some of the web’s leading advancement experts to share their favorite digital strategies for engaging alumni! Read More…

How to use our free message templates to engage alumni on LinkedIn

Our new resource, 10 free templates to engage alumni on LinkedIn, is now available for education advancement professionals!

LinkedIn is the platform where former students are most likely to be actively participating. We’ve been thrilled to hear from those who have downloaded the templates that they’ve become a valuable resource for their advancement department.

If you haven’t downloaded the templates yet, or if you haven’t gotten started using them, here’s a walk-through to help you get the best results. Read More…


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