Delaying Your Transition from Common Ground Is Risky Business

If you’re one of the hundreds of nonprofit organizations affected by Blackbaud’s decision to retire Common Ground® in early 2014, chances are you’ve been weighing your options since the announcement. Maybe you’re even taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach.

But now that you’ve had time to digest the news, it’s crucial for you to get proactive. You need to decide on a strategy now so that your organization can continue to focus on its mission, without any interruptions.

Don’t Put Your Organization’s Data at Risk

In less than eight months, the plug will be pulled on Common Ground®, which will leave those users with virtually no way of accessing any of their data. Can your organization afford to be left scrambling trying to retrieve data that may, or may not ever be retrieved?

By making a decision about your CRM system now, you’ll be able to enjoy a seamless transition and ensure that there’s no disruption to your important fundraising efforts.

Moving Ahead with a Cloud-based CRM System

If you’re a Common Ground® user, you’ve already discovered the advantages of using a cloud-based CRM system built on the platform, including its low administrative cost, ease of implementation and the power of real-time insight.

Plus, cloud-based solutions are the new standard in the nonprofit industry offering the data integrity and security your organization's needs to effectively manage your donor relationships.

Some Common Ground® users have already begun the migration process and have chosen a donor management system that allows them to stay on the platform, thereby harnessing the power of existing resources while ensuring the security of their current data.

Invest in Third-Party Expertise and Get Started Now

Common Ground® users can’t afford to wait any longer to make the transition to another donor management system. Now is the time to seek out a qualified partner to assess your needs and assist with the migration.

With hundreds of nonprofits facing the same decision, organizations that delay their decision run the risk of falling to the back of the line and running out of time.

“There is definitely a need for Common Ground® users to make a decision about their CRM system sooner rather than later. With so many nonprofits in the same boat, those who are proactive now will have more options than those who wait until the last minute,” said Sandra Jensen, founder of KELL Partners, a consulting firm specializing in cloud-based technology solutions for nonprofits.

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