Giving Tuesday 2018 guide for users

Giving Tuesday 2018 is just around the cornerGiving Tuesday 2018 is quickly approaching, and  this year, it’s easier than ever for users to take part.

Whether your organization is using HEDA, Nonprofit Cloud (NPSP) or the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce, you can manage an effective Giving Tuesday 2018 campaign with integrated solutions.

Here’s a guide to set your team up for success as the giving season begins.

Build a custom Giving Tuesday 2018 donation form

Giving Tuesday is a special event on each year's calendar. Supporters turn their attention towards causes they care about after buying for themselves on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That’s why the most effective Giving Tuesday donation forms focus on the specific motivations supporters feel that day.

With Causeview Impact Form Designer, you can create custom, responsive online donation forms that fully integrate with You can associate these forms to a specific Giving Tuesday 2018 campaign for easy reporting. It’s also simple to allocate donations made through your forms to the different funds you may be tracking in Salesforce.

Segment your audience effectively

Once you build your online form and landing page, you can use Salesforce to segment your audience. This helps ensure that you send the right message to supporters who may want to contribute on Giving Tuesday.

Of course, those who have participated on Giving Tuesday in previous years are good bets to do so again. You can easily reach out to this list and thank them for their past support. Then, you can offer reasons why they should donate again this year. The day also gives you a good reason to email lapsed supporters. These individuals may catch the day's social media buzz and be happy to engage again.

Likewise, another key segment is individuals who made their first gift to your organization earlier in the year. This group likely remains very interested in your cause. Reaching out to them on Giving Tuesday can often push them to make another gift, as many others are doing the same.

Track your results well for the year-end

Not only is Giving Tuesday is a key date on the giving calendar, but it can have a major impact on the crucial year-end period. Fortunately, Causeview and Salesforce give you the tools to make this a breeze.

Gifts made through a Causeview online form, or directly through Causeview on a donor profile, are instantly tracked and associated to campaigns in Salesforce. This includes Causeview Advancement for Salesforce HEDA, Causeview Fundraising for the Salesforce Enterprise Edition, and CV-Impact, built for Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud (NPSP). This occurs automatically, so you don’t have to worry about manual entry or a complex data import.

This data is useful in many ways as the year-end approaches. Your Giving Tuesday donors will be great candidates to contribute again around the holidays. You will want to make sure they are accurately tracked and segmented for your year-end campaign. Plus, the intuitive dashboards and reports you can view about your Giving Tuesday performance will hold key insights to help you succeed at year-end. Whether it’s successful steps to take again or areas of improvement, you’ll have everything you need to optimize your upcoming holiday giving programs.

Optimize Giving Tuesday 2018 and year-end giving with Causeview

Causeview’s apps for the platform allow you to seamlessly process gifts online and offline, create custom donations forms, manage gift accounting, intuitively report, and so much more. If you would like to learn about how Causeview can help your organization,

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