Have Donation Receipting Overload? Fundraising Software Can Help.

The end of a calendar year is one of the busiest times for non-profit organizations because it’s one of the most important seasons for charitable giving. Nonprofits usually try to take advantage of this fact by sending out direct mail solicitations, email appeals and by organizing events, all of which are designed to remind people to think of their cause when contributing. All of these efforts, combined with constituents' natural tendency to give during this season, resulting in a lot of donations, and a lot of donation receipting.

In addition to donation receipting for new contributions, your nonprofit probably has to issue receipts for charitable contributions received throughout the year. This adds up to a lot of receipting, which can take a pretty heavy administrative toll on small to medium-sized nonprofits.

How can fundraising software help with donation receipting?

Fundraising software providers help by providing nonprofits with the tools they need to automate the receipting process. Some providers even offer the tools to create donation pages that make online giving easy for constituents, and process payments for one-time gifts and reoccurring payments automatically. Plus, batch donation entry tools make it possible for you to process contributions received in the mail en masse. Once all of these transactions have been entered into the system (either through an online form or a batch entry tool), they are processed and receipts are issued automatically! 

A Little Extra: Acknowledgements

Cloud-based Fundraising software has made it easier for non-profits to send acknowledgements alongside donation receipts. Customized receipts and acknowledgements can be produced easily and sent to donors by email or by merging and printing letters. A variety of acknowledgement templates can be created so that you can automatically issue acknowledgements based on gift type, the campaign the constituent responded to or the program they are contributing to. You can even email E-cards automatically when a gift is made in memory or in honour of an individual. All of this automation alleviates the amount of time it takes for non-profits to produce and issue receipts and acknowledgement letters and helps you fundraise smarter. 

Keeping Records

Another advantage of using a fundraising software is the ability to keep donation information long past the time of contribution. If your constituent requests a duplicate receipt or if you need to issue consolidated receipts at year-end, you can easily do so by pulling donation information. Cloud-based software usually keeps a copy of the original receipt so issuing duplicate or replacement receipts is effortless. Since all of the donation information is instantly available, producing consolidated receipts and summarizing contributions received during a time period, is not only possible but also painless.

Fundraising Smarter

Fundraising software helps you fundraise smarter by removing the administrative burden associated with receipting and acknowledgement, allowing you to spend more time forging relationships with your constituents and focusing on the quality of your campaigns and appeals. Plus, when you automatically issue personalized thank you letter and receipts, you ensure that donors are thanked and receipted properly and promptly, helping you to forge a deeper bond with your constituents. 


Causeview Can Help With Receipting and Acknowledgements

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