How users can build better online forms and landing pages

Learn about Causeview Impact Designer for usersWe have great news for users, whether your organization is using HEDA, NPSP or the Enterprise Edition.

Causeview Impact Designer is now available to help you build custom, responsive online forms, and landing pages!

Whether your needs are basic or complex, Causeview Impact Designer lets you build the perfect donation form and landing page in just minutes.

For users who are unsure if it’s right for you, here’s why it will benefit your organization:

Seamless integration for users

Supporter data captured by the forms you build in Causeview Impact Designer automatically sync with your instance. There’s no need for complicated data uploads or time-consuming manual entry. Causeview Impact Designer is built specifically for the platform, so you will be able to trust your information more than ever.

Powerful payment gateway integration

When it comes to processing payments from your online forms and landing pages, we know how important accurate data is. Causeview Impact Designer connects directly with the payment gateway, allowing you to access the transaction log and see the status of each payment. This will assist you with your reconciliation and any troubleshooting needs that arise.

Fully responsive online forms and landing pages

Data management is certainly a key priority that users have when designing online forms and landing pages. But providing a fantastic user experience is crucial as well. Not only does this ensure that your forms and pages delight your donors, but it will also help you raise your online conversion rates. Causeview Impact Designer lets you build fully responsive online interfaces that appear as intended big desktop screens, small smartphones and everything in between.

Drag-and-drop design tools

Many online form and landing page designers fall into two categories, neither of which are ideal. They are often too simple, forcing you to use one of a few preset designs that don’t meet your complete needs. Or, they are too complex and give you a lot of possibilities, but only if you have advanced technical skills. Causeview Impact Designer gives you drag-and-drop tools so that you can change every form detail - including text, style, fields, labels, spacing and much more - without requiring any coding.

Allocate gifts to single or multiple funds

Using Causeview Impact Designer, you can easily add payment allocations to your donation forms. You can choose to allocate an entire gift to a single fund or to offer split gift allocations to multiple funds. These allocations connect to your General Accounting Units and are automatically recorded and tracked in to simplify your financial reporting. users: Ready to see Causeview Impact Designer?

If you’d like us to show you how Causeview Impact Designer can integrate with your instance and let you begin building better online forms and landing pages, request a Causeview demo today! Plus, we’ll show you how to process every gift type, automate recurring donations, and make pledge management easier than ever.

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