How to guarantee a great fundraising event turnout

Spring is finally in the air, and that means fundraising event season is right around the corner.

Events can be really fun for attendees, but as fundraisers and planners know, pulling them off successfully can be a real challenge. In addition to ensuring that a positive impact is made on supporters, the event also needs to hit your nonprofit’s financial targets. While there are several revenue opportunities within your campaign, the top priority is typically registrations and all of the revenues associated with them.

With that in mind, we have some advice from the experts to help guarantee a great turnout at your next fundraising event!

Start with your past attendees

Anytime you take on a big project, it’s always important to get off to a great start and build momentum. Your past event attendees can be the key to this for registrations, especially if you've stayed in touch and stewarded them throughout the year.

Those who have attended your events in the past are likely supportive of your cause, and the odds are that they had a great experience when they joined you previously. You can help build their connection to your organization by sharing updates and information with them throughout the year. When it comes time for your next event, you can begin by sending invitations to this group, and you should see some early results that help get your registration drive started on the right foot.

Send targeted invitations

As with any marketing campaign, you’ll see much better results if you get specific with your outreach. Segmenting your supporters can help you accentuate the most persuasive points to each group, and deliver the message in the way they’re most likely to notice.

For example, some of your audience may respond better to direct mail invitations, but for your younger, millennial supporters, email invitations are likely the better way to go. Depending on their level of interest, the reasons for attending will vary as well – to some, it may be another great way to contribute to your cause, but others will be looking for a fun, unique experience. Through effective segmentation, you can make sure each of those groups sees the benefits they are most likely to respond to.

Offer group registrations

A great way to improve your event’s turnout is to create a special offer for supporters who wish to attend in groups. This may help them turn the event into a memorable experience for their friends or family, and will give them a reason to invite others who wouldn’t otherwise be aware. Group registrations are common for galas and golf tournaments, but can be just as effective for any type of event!

You can make group registrations even more popular by including a special group rate, giving an extra incentive to potential attendees to bring others along.

Create a buzz with discount codes

There’s a reason your favorite retailers like to offer sales, and it’s not just about clearing out old merchandise. Offering a discount can help potential buyers – or in the case of your event, attendees – feel a little sense of urgency and make a commitment if they had previously been on-the-fence.

You will often see events include early-bird registration discounts, but offering a series of discounts throughout your registration campaign can be an effective way of creating a buzz on social media that helps you secure sign-ups.

Keep communicating after registration

A high number of registrations isn’t the only goal of your fundraising events. It’s also important to use the event as a way to continue building a strong and lasting relationship.

By staying in touch with registered attendees after they sign-up, you’ll have many opportunities to create a bigger impression and ensure that they show up on event day. When they do, that will open up more chances to raise funds for your cause by selling merchandise, raffle tickets, refreshments, or auction items.

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