Is a Product or a Custom Build Better for Donation Processing?

What's the best way to solve donation processing?

Donation processing is ‘mission-critical'’ for fundraising organizations. Since it’s often not included as part of CRM systems, you may need to add on the functionality. There is a lot to gain from choosing a tried-and-true, tested, and supported product to manage payments.

Nonprofit gifts come in many shapes and sizes, and they can require a robust solution to effectively manage them all. Donations can be one-time or recurring and may come from online forms or offline payments. They can originate as long-term pledges and can be received from cash, checks, credit cards, stock, property, and much more. Managing all of that can get very complex.

To address payment processing, organizations typically face a decision. Should you select a donation management product, or work with a consultant to build a custom solution? In this article, we look at why an established product is often the best choice for such a crucial tool.

Who will support your donation processing?

As a ‘mission-critical’ function for fundraising organizations, it’s important to have an easy way to solve donation processing issues. Not only do any problems that occur jeopardize direct revenue, but they also risk irritating donors and reducing their future support.

But with everything that goes into donation processing, there are bound to be occasional challenges. There can be donors that want to change a gift that has already been made. There can be issues with the integration to an online form or a credit card payment gateway. Or, there can be syncing issues that affect the data going to an accounting or receipting tool.

It’s natural that you’ll need to rely on customer support to solve some of these challenges. We know this well at Causeview, as 50% of the support tickets we receive relate to donation processing questions.

The dedicated support team you receive when using a donation processing product can prove very valuable. Their experience with the software tool can help them quickly reach a solution. If using a custom-built tool, it is often trickier to find a convenient answer from the multiple parties involved. Plus, you may incur various service fees along the way.

Maintaining flexibility for your organization

One reason that some organizations choose to custom build a donation processing solution is to gain flexibility. While the cost can be higher and support can be more challenging, sometimes, nonprofits want a consultant to build them a very specific tool that meets their unique needs.

The Salesforce platform and Causeview provide a great option for a ‘best of both worlds’ approach. With our CV-Impact product, organizations using the Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) can manage donation processing through a product on a platform. That means that you get a single solution provider for gift management, with no development costs and dedicated support.

Plus, you can continue enhancing your Salesforce instance with over 3,000 add-on tools available on the Salesforce AppExchange. You can complement the donor management functionality of NPSP and the gift processing capabilities of CV-Impact with apps that help address specific organizational objectives.

Start using CV-Impact today

If you’re looking for a donation processing product built for the Salesforce NPSP, CV-Impact is available now!

It’s easy to install, without the need to wait on any custom development. You can have CV-Impact running on your Salesforce instance in minutes, leaving you ready to process donations of any kind from your nonprofit’s website or directly from Salesforce. Interested in learning more?

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