Let’s Talk Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – 5 Tips to Improve Your Organization’s Social Media Strategy

Social Media is a valuable tool for any nonprofit organization looking to maximize their exposure, streamline their marketing efforts, cultivate relationships and increase donorship.

But implementing a Social Media Strategy is more than just creating a Facebook page and uploading a website for your organization. A successful Social Media Strategy is just that, a strategy, one that takes some work and ongoing effort.

While most nonprofits can’t afford the luxury of a dedicated Social Media Expert on staff full-time, here are five strategies your organization can implement right away to improve your current social media efforts.

1. Create a Social Media Strategy

Before you launch a Twitter campaign, upload a YouTube video or create a Facebook page, you need to decide which social media platforms your organization will use. Then create a social media calendar to schedule your posts and updates. Plan at least a month at a time and then stick to that schedule. Social media is only effective if you update consistently.

2. Add a Blog to Your Website

For the uninitiated, a blog is a journal entry for your website. Adding one to your website lets you share timely information, helps establish your organization as an authority on a particular subject, and increases your search engine ranking which brings more visitors to your site. However, in order to be effective as a social media tool, you must make a commitment to update your blog regularly with informative posts that reflect your organization’s goals and values.

3. Create a Twitter Account

There are more than 140 million active Twitter users and if your organization is not one of them, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your audience. Twitter is one of the fastest, easiest ways to connect to your donors, gain exposure and even attract media attention. Twitter updates are limited to 140 characters, perfect for promoting events, recruiting volunteers, celebrating victories and inviting feedback.

Getting started is easy. Simply choose a Twitter account name, one that reflects your organization’s brand, add your logo or another relevant image, fill out the Twitter profile page and start tweeting! Make sure you add the Twitter button to your website and Facebook page to increase your followers.

4. Create an inviting and Interesting Facebook Page

Many nonprofits have taken advantage of creating a Facebook page, but some are not using this incredible tool to its full advantage. For starters, your page must be an extension of your existing brand. Your profile and cover photos should clearly reflect your organization and your page needs to be updated regularly by the Page Administrator with thoughtful posts.

If you’re only using your Facebook page to solicit donations, you will quickly lose your followers. Use your page to provide links to articles about your organization or cause, share pictures from a recent fundraising event or post inspirational quotes. Invite people to provide feedback by posting questions on your page or encourage followers to share personal experiences.

To better target your Facebook content, Page Administrators should also take advantage of Page Insights, a Facebook tool that provides statistics on who is viewing the organization’s page, which posts generate the most interest and other key data. To access this feature click on the menu bar below the Cover Photo and select ‘View Insights.”

5. Make a Video

Your organization needs to be on YouTube. That’s because YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and can promote your mission, unlike any other social media platform. Create a Public Service Announcement (PSA), share a success story or give your donors a video update of your recent fundraising success.

Your video can be professionally recorded and edited, but you can also easily create your own simple own using a smartphone or camera. Upload your finished product to your Facebook page, your website and send your followers a tweet, announcing your upload.

YouTube also offers the YouTube Nonprofit Program to help your organization gain an audience through YouTube’s video platform using such tools as community forums, channel branding, and donation options:



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