Plan, Promote, and Execute with Causeview Events

In today’s nonprofit industry, organizations are being forced to do more with less. Being efficient and relying on tools that simplify time-consuming processes is key to any nonprofit’s success.

And nowhere does this apply more than when it comes to event management. With so many touch points and time-consuming processes associated with the entire event process, creating a memorable event experience presents some of the toughest challenges for nonprofits.

But thanks to the recently-launched Causeview Events mobile app, many of those processes just became easier and faster.

8 Ways Causeview Events Saves Time

Causeview Events’ robust feature set works in conjunction with your CRM system and virtually automates event tasks, freeing staff to focus on accommodating their guests. Users can now enjoy complete event management, including planning, inviting and registering guests. In fact, the staff may even have some time to actually enjoy the event.

Here are the top 8 features that will make managing your next event more efficient:

1. Instantly Check-in Attendees – Say good-bye to your manual check-in system. The mobile app for iPhones and iPads lets you check in a guest in seconds by using the camera on your device to scan QR codes.

2. Eliminate Registration Bottlenecks – Attendees want to enjoy your event, not stand in long registration lines. Use multiple devices simultaneously to register guests during peak periods for large-scale events.

3. Accept last-minute registrations – Because all event information is automatically synchronized with the Causeview database you can accept registrations up until the last minute.

4. Capture Attendee Information – Causeview Events lets users capture attendee information in real-time so there’s nothing to import before and nothing to import after. All your data is automatically updated in your CRM.

5. Generate Reports Instantly – You’ll be able to update guest information, take notes, view ticket sales and create follow-up tasks right on your mobile device, even during the event, plus schedule stewardship activities immediately after.

6. Work Off-line – Don’t worry about not having access to Wifi. Causeview Events lets you work off-line and synchronize any changes with your CRM later.

7. Search for Individual Attendees and Groups – Now when a guest asks if another attendee has arrived or if someone from a group wants to know if their rest of the party has arrived, the answer is a click away.

8. Easily Customizable – Work the way you want to work by adding custom fields from your CRM system

Causeview a Hit with Children’s Aid Foundation

Early users of the system are already heralding the Causeview Events mobile application. The Children’s Aid Foundation in Toronto was one of the first to test out the capabilities of Causeview Events at their premiere event, the Teddy Bear Affair.

“We were thrilled with the capabilities and performance of the Causeview Events app. It enabled our volunteers to efficiently check-in over 1000 guests,” said Sabrina Roy, Director of Events for the Children’s Aid Foundation.

“Causeview Events ensured that our guests were checked-in quickly, eliminated wait times in the check-in process, and enabled our volunteers to ensure our guest’s contact information was up-to-date,” Ms. Roy said.


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