Riding the Dreamforce '13 Cloud - A Causeview Experience

Dreamforce ’13 is in the books. Whether you got your first taste of the welcome receptions, inspirational keynotes and partner parties hosted at Salesforce’s annual extravaganza, or you returned to connect with all of your friends from across the globe, the experience always leaves an impression.

Conveniently located in the Salesforce Foundation Zone, our Causeview team was in the heart of all things nonprofit and shared the highlights of their time at Dreamforce.

Causeview Events Embraces Dreamforce

With so many kiosks to visit and festivities to participate in, our team utilized the Causeview Events mobile app to reach out and connect with all of the Dreamforce enthusiasts, wherever they were, through the convenience of their mobile devices.

To add to the festive spirit, our Causeview team launched a daily iPad Giveaway Event from our mobile app. 150 Dreamforce enthusiasts registered for the giveaway with Causeview Events, 90 of which checked in at our Causeview booth in person. Three lucky winners were selected and rewarded an iPad Mini to add to their set of goodies from this year’s Dreamforce experience.

In keeping up with all of the excitement, Causeview Events teamed up with ACF Solutions during their ACF Dreamforce 2013 Happy Hour event. ACF received 320 guest registrations and checked in attendees as they arrived with our mobile event app. Guests instantly checked in and were able to enjoy the gathering hosted at the Embarcadero Waterfront.

Looking Beyond the Sights and Sounds

It is easy to become consumed by Dreamforce’s captivating ambiance. The event also serves as a forum for ideas, feedback, and networking however, allowing you to get in touch with your supporters.

Our Causeview team connected with many Dreamforce enthusiasts and received valuable feedback on how we can address the evolving needs of the nonprofit community.

Taking the opportunity to communicate with nonprofit professionals inspires our team to continue enhancing the Causeview system and provide the freedom to advance your cause.

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