How RSPCA Queensland improved its donor data

RSPCA Queensland trusts their donor data after implementing CauseviewIn this case study, learn how RSPCA Queensland gained trust in their donor data through improved data management, easier integrations, and operational efficiencies.

About RSPCA Queensland

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is Australia’s oldest, largest and most trusted animal welfare organization. They specialize in rescue efforts, the adoption of animals, as well as public education and advocacy. In the last year alone, RSPCA was responsible for rescuing and collecting over 130,000 animals and then helping to become fostered or adopted. To enable its mission, the RSPCA requires a robust and professional fundraising program including a large direct mail program, flagship national events such as Million Paws Walk and managing the supporter journey and giving behaviours of thousands of donors.

RSPCA Queensland is a member of the RSPCA group in Australia, each year caring for over 56,000 animals, fostering over 8,000 animals, responding to over 20,000 cruelty complaints and 32,000 rescue callouts. This incredible workload is managed by hundreds of staff and over 5,000 volunteers. It requires every dollar of the $26m raised each year, given by over 35,000 incredibly generous supporters.

The Problem

To manage fundraising and supporter engagement efforts, RSPCA Queensland was using an unreliable and clunky CRM technology. There was poor sync with the internal Shelterbuddy system used to track animal information and a variety of challenges for the fundraising team. It was difficult to handle duplicate records, there was no payment reconciliation process, a burdensome process to the management of recurring gifts. Data could not be shared with the call center operators, limiting their ability to engage with donors over the phone.

The Solution

Aiming to improve its capabilities and integrations, RSPCA Queensland compared the top donor and donation management solutions, selecting Causeview Fundraising, the leading system built for the platform. Now having complete sync with Shelterbuddy, animal data can be viewed in Causeview, fundraising data can be viewed in Shelterbuddy, and contact information is easily shared between the two platforms.

Using Causeview’s core functionality, RSPCA Queensland can now create online donation forms for one-time and recurring gifts, with data instantly flowing into Salesforce for simple reporting, dashboards, and payment reconciliation with the organization’s bank and financial system.

The Results

Upon deploying Causeview, there have been considerable improvements to data management and operational efficiency throughout the RSPCA Queensland. Valuable recurring donations can now be managed with ease directly from Causeview, whether originating in the CRM or through the integrated website donation forms. This led to over 10,000 recurring givers having their monthly donations processed using Causeview in 2018 and a far simpler method of handling them along the way. All other aspects of the fundraising process are also handled more efficiently and easily using Causeview.

Data operations are now much stronger, with smooth data importing, instant sync with Shelterbuddy, and the ability to seamlessly handle duplicate records. The information can now be viewed throughout the RSPCA Queensland’s call-center, helping to boost the fundraising performance.

Plus, reports and dashboards can now be created rapidly to assist with numerous organizational processes. It has become much easier to perform month-end reporting and to analyze the results of individual appeals. It is also expected to lead to better results going forward, as the information can now be used for improved segmentation of the 300,000 direct mail pieces sent annually.

The Team

RSPCA Queensland worked with Causeview, Social Impact Institute, and Salesforce to design, configure and implement Salesforce and the Causeview donor and donation management application. The Shelterbuddy team in consultation with Causeview and Social Impact Institute designed and built the sync connector between Causeview and the Shelterbuddy animal management platform. Social Impact Institute and NobleCX have partnered to design and build a number of significant tools including, advanced segmentation and reporting application, advanced opportunity management for major gifts, bequests, corporate gifts and grants, and a range of workflows, reports, and dashboards.


“RSPCA Queensland has recently implemented the Causeview fundraising management application on the Salesforce platform. A connector was also built between RSPCA Queensland’s Shelterbuddy animal management system and Causeview, providing invaluable displays of information about RSPCA supporters, adopters and donors in each system.

I highly recommend project lead, Social Impact Institute and partners - Salesforce, Causeview, and NobleCX as a team that can be trusted to design, develop, deliver and support Salesforce solutions that will meet your fundraising or business requirements.”

Mark Townend
CEO, RSPCA Queensland

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