Savvy Tech Tools Can Simplify Event Registration and Free Up Valuable Resources

shutterstock_258726044As most nonprofit professionals can attest, hosting an event is a huge undertaking, one that requires many hours of planning by both staff and volunteers alike.

It all begins with securing a venue, lining up sponsors, booking speakers and launching a publicity campaign. But then, comes the pivotal part – registration.

Registering attendees prior to the event, and then again at the event, can be a laborious task if you’re still relying on manual processing. But now, thanks to a wealth of tech tools, you can simplify your registration process and free up your staff and volunteers for other tasks.

Good-bye Paper-based Registration – Hello Online Registration

There may be some in your organization who will claim that by only offering a high-tech registration process, you will be alienating potential attendees, but the truth is by streamlining the registration process online, you’ll be enhancing your attendees’ experience with your organization.

Today there are many options available to nonprofits looking to take advantage of online registration tools. To maximize effectiveness, you’ll want an online solution that not only lets attendees fill out their information and make a payment, but one that also integrates with your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system.

5 Things You Can Do with Online Registration

By having an online registration system that works with your CRM you’ll be able to:

  1. Generate Targeted Attendee Lists – Using the information generated by your online registration system, you can divide attendees into groups according to any criteria you choose, such as VIPs, sponsors, and special guests and then generate customized invitations.
  2. Offer Streamlined Payment Process – An online registration system is an easy way to collect payments of any type, including ticket sales and donations, but it also lets you offer a smooth refund process when necessary, accommodating your supporters in any circumstance.
  3. Create Reports and Lists Quickly and Easily – Forget about cross-referencing RSVP lists. An online system maintains all your lists automatically and produces reports whenever you need them.
  4. Automate Event Check-in – By choosing an application that works with your mobile device, you can efficiently record check-ins against your master list and notify staff when VIPs have arrived.
  5. Acknowledge Attendees, Donors, and Sponsors – After your event, you’ll have a comprehensive list of all your guests, allowing you to send out personalized thank-you messages.

Make event management simple

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