Unique ways to thank your donors after the holidays

Every fundraiser knows the importance of sending thank you notes to your donors. Luckily, today many organizations can automate this process to save time and ensure accuracy.

But going above and beyond to show your appreciation can go a long way to making your donor feel valued.

Especially since supporters often give to multiple organizations at year-end, a unique thank you message can help your organization stand out.

Here are four creative ways to thank your donors!

Produce a video thank you message

Creating a video is a great way to add a personal touch to your show of appreciation. For example, you can feature:

  • Your Executive Director personally thanking donors;
  • Someone affected by your cause explaining what it means to them;
  • Footage to help visualize where the funds will go.

Once prepared, you can include a link to the video in every email thank you message. You can also share it publicly for all supporters to see on your website or blog.

Share an infographic

Nonprofits know how important storytelling can be, and an infographic lets you tell a memorable one about your donations.

Like the video message, you can share the infographic in emails or on your website. In it, you can share statistics about your year-end gifts, information about what they will go towards, and of course, a clear, bold thank you note.

Send a sponsored gift to top donors

Everyone loves receiving a gift, and that includes your supporters. One creative way to thank your donors is to work with a sponsor to send them a small token of appreciation.

These gifts don’t have to be large to have an impact. Including a simple chocolate bar, a coupon to a local restaurant, or a small everyday tool like a USB key with your thank you note will all be appreciated and remembered.

Announce a new project

What better way to thank your donors than to quickly explain that their contributions have opened the doors to a new project? To your truest supporters, not much will satisfy them more!

Shortly after your initial thank you, and when all the donations have been totaled, you can reach back out to your donors by email or blog post to announce the impactful new initiative you can now take on thanks to their gifts.

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