What we learned on Giving Tuesday 2018

Giving Tuesday 2018 continued the event's major growthGiving Tuesday 2018 was another big success for nonprofits and higher education institutions around the world.

Giving Tuesday has become a major event for many organizations, with one of the highest annual daily donation totals. The volume of transactions also makes it a good opportunity to learn about the always evolving fundraising industry.

If your focus is on the year-end giving season, you don’t need to worry about missing out. We’ve got a round up below of all the news and trends to come  out of Giving Tuesday 2018:

Giving Tuesday keeps booming

Giving Tuesday 2018 continued the event’s impressive growth. 27% more money was raised this year, bringing the total from roughly $300 million to $380 million.

As Giving Tuesday is mostly an online initiative, this shows us the public’s improving comfort with donating over the Internet. As the majority of gifts are now generated online, it’s crucial that your website’s donation forms and landing pages are as effective as can be for holiday giving and beyond.

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New donors are fueling Giving Tuesday’s growth

Interestingly, though, the average gift amount actually dropped slightly on Giving Tuesday 2018. Instead, the day’s growth was driven by the number of new donors who participated.

The average gift size fell from $120 to $105, according to Fast Company, but the number of donors skyrocketed from 2 million to 3.6 million. This likely means that while larger donors continued to offer their support, there was a major increase in the number of small donors.

This notable trend should impact the giving options you present to donors this holiday season. You may also want to segment appeals to supporters who seem likely to give larger and smaller gifts. You can then present them different donation forms with better options to generate a strong donation.

Celebrities had a big influence on Giving Tuesday 2018

Not every organization can draw public support from a major celebrity for their cause. But there’s a lot to be learned from the difference it makes when one gets involved.

USA Today gave a round-up of stars sharing their support on social media. This kind of publicity is very effective, especially on Giving Tuesday when digital buzz has such a major influence on gifts.

Even if your cause doesn’t have a major celebrity to call on, you can benefit from this approach too. You may still have supporters who have sizable social media followings, and asking them to share a tweet or post about giving to your organization is a low-effort strategy that can lead to big results. It can also help you gain some valuable media coverage, even if it's just on a niche website.

Corporate gift matching is becoming more common

One factor that contributed to the growth of Giving Tuesday 2018 was the prevalence of corporate gift matching. This year, major organizations like Facebook and Interac offered matching gift programs, as did more and more employers.

As this trend continues to develop, you should be sure that your organization’s gift management systems are well-equipped to handle matching gifts. You should be able to track the matching gift opportunity, assist donors in having it matched, and then simply resolve the match when the payment comes in. This will help you capitalize on the estimated $10 billion in matching gifts that goes unfulfilled each year.


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