Why nonprofits should send more fundraising emails on the weekend

Whether it’s a fundraising request or business promotion, the rule-of-thumb has always suggested that the middle of the week was best for sending emails. The logic is pretty sound: more people are near a computer from Tuesday to Thursday, making it the most likely time for them to open, read and act on your message.

Nowadays, with readers opening emails on their smartphones from anywhere, it may be time to reconsider. For businesses, the weekday rule is still seen as the best way to go, as it is the best chance to find people engaged in their work and open to new ideas and products to help them. For nonprofits, however, there is a lot of evidence suggesting that sending fundraising emails on the weekend is becoming a better bet.

While every audience is different and performing tests are always recommended, here are four compelling reasons why the weekend is becoming a great time to send fundraising emails.

Less competition, same open rates

When smartphones were less popular, email open rates would be much higher on weekdays, so naturally, the best practice began that this was the best time to send communications. Today, however, email open rates are more consistent, typically within an hour regardless of when they are sent.

But opening an email isn’t always the same as taking the time to read it, and that's easier to do when there is less competition from other emails filling up an inbox. In fact, as Customer.io shows, nearly less than 33% emails are sent on Saturdays than midweek, and about 20% less on Sundays. If your goal is to have people take note of the content of your email and consider taking action, the weekend may be a much better bet.

Catch your supporters in a good mood

It’s no secret that there is a correlation between an individual’s mood and their willingness to give to charity. Harvard Business School details that something as simple as getting a cookie or finding a dime on the ground can increase the likelihood of someone donating to charity or volunteering for a task.

It will also be no surprise that individuals are happier on the weekends, and the data backs it up. The Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology finds that pretty much everyone is happier on the weekends, regardless of what they do for a living. With that in mind, why not send more of your fundraising emails to reach your supporters when they’re in the best mood – the weekend?

Capture some of the increased spendings

According to Gallup, the average American spends $76 on Saturdays, which is 29% percent more than they spend daily from Tuesday to Thursday. This may be the result of dining and entertainment, but fundraisers know that charitable giving often follows personal spending. That reasoning has led to the success of Giving Tuesday, where individuals like to give to causes after shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and also explains why many are happy to make donations after buying tickets to galas or sporting events.

Along those lines, after spending a day at the movies or a night at a fancy dinner, you may find that your supporters are happy to keep their wallets open and make a donation to your cause as a result of a fundraising email.

Mobile giving is easier than ever with Causeview

One of the concerns about sending fundraising emails on the weekend is that people are away from their desks, which makes it harder to fill out an online donation form.

This was certainly the case in the past, but it’s quickly changing. With the right technology today, mobile giving is a breeze, so your supporters can open an email on their smartphone and quickly submit a donation without being anywhere near their computer.

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