Add integrated donation processing to the Salesforce NPSP

Learn the benefits of integrated donation processing for NPSPSalesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) users love the platform’s constituent management capabilities, but adding a donation processing solution can make it a complete fundraising powerhouse for your cause.

If you’re already enjoying, or considering, the NPSP, here are three main reasons you should integrate donation processing into your Salesforce instance:

Save time and reduce errors

Donation processing that exists in a siloed system from your CRM can be costly, as you will need a process in place to transfer your transaction data into Salesforce. This could be a complicated data import or involve time-consuming manual entry. Beyond the effort they would take, these additional steps often lead to errors. Whether it’s information that doesn’t sync correctly or mistakes made when entering figures, these problems can lead to incorrect receipts, wasted time and dissatisfied donors.

By integrating donation processing into your NPSP instance, you can drastically reduce these challenges. You’ll be able to trust that your donor, payment, and gift accounting information is accurate. That will help save your team time, make your supporters happier, and let you gain reliable insights from your reports and dashboards.

Simplify online and offline giving

To provide the best donor experience, you should be able to seamlessly process both online and offline gifts. Many of your supporters love the convenience and control of making their donations on your website. Others will still be more comfortable speaking directly to the individual taking their payment.

With CV-Impact, an integrated donation processing app for Salesforce’s NPSP, you’ll have the capabilities to capture both types of gifts. You can build custom, responsive online donation pages and forms with gift information automatically syncing with NPSP. You can also take payment data from a supporter and create a new gift directly on their NPSP donor profile. This applies to both one-time or recurring donations, made by credit card or ACH payment.

Do more with Salesforce’s NPSP

CV-Impact gives you additional tools to turn your NPSP instance into a robust nonprofit fundraising solution. In addition to processing one-time and recurring gifts, you can offer your supporters more ways to make a difference.

You can track and manage the entire pledged gift process. Start by creating a pledge plan with your supporter, log it in NPSP, and then make updates to each planned payment before it is received. This can include adjustments to the payment amount, date, type and more. Each change is updated both in the donor’s history and in your gift accounting data, making it easy to handle for your finance department.

Plus, you can assist donors in receiving gift matching payments from their employers. After a gift is made and an eligible employer is selected for matching, your donor will automatically receive instructions on how to submit it. The matching gift is tracked as an opportunity in NPSP and is closed when the employer’s payment is received.

Integrate donation processing into NPSP with CV-Impact

If your nonprofit is using or considering Salesforce’s NPSP and can benefit from integrated donation processing, CV-Impact may be the perfect solution. We’d be happy to show you how it works, to see it in action, 

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