Wow Attendees and Capture Their Attention with a Video Wall at Your Next Fundraising Event

The competition for attracting attendees, donors and sponsors, continues to increase for nonprofits. And with so many great fundraising events on the calendar, people look for events that not only support a cause that’s near and dear to them, but also events that leave a lasting impression.

That’s why nonprofit event organizers are constantly trying to raise the bar when it comes to their event planning. High on the list of goals is to create exciting events that people want to attend, complete with engaging speakers, great food, a fantastic venue, and high-energy entertainment, and of course one that is profitable.

And while creating a memorable and fun event is a definite priority, it’s also important that your attendees leave with a better understanding and appreciation of your organization’s mission so that they keep your organization in mind throughout the year.

Implementing a Video Wall at your next event can help you achieve both goals.

What is a Video Wall and What Can You Do With One?

For the uninitiated, a video wall is, simply put, multiple video screens synced together to form one large impressive display, perfect in the lobby of your next event and also in the main venue. Offering crystal clear resolutions and unsurpassed interaction capabilities, a video wall makes the old slide projector presentation virtually obsolete.

With a video wall, you are able to engage and interact with your attendees in ways never before possible. In fact, the video wall is only limited to your creativity. Here are 5 ways to enhance your next event with a video wall:

  1. Reinforce your success – Create a video montage highlighting your organization’s achievements over the past year. Display the video as attendees arrive at your event so that your supporters can see for themselves how their donations are being used.
  2. Recognize Volunteers and Sponsors – Throughout the event, use the video wall to acknowledge the efforts of your hardworking volunteers and your generous sponsors. Offer sponsors an opportunity to display their logo and provide a video message explaining why they are involved with your organization.
  3. Entertain Your Attendees – Not everything on your video wall has to have a serious tone. Have fun with your theme. If you’re throwing a Disco Gala, use the video wall to display retro music videos.
  4. Live Streaming – Your video wall can be configured to live stream your keynote speaker’s address or other presentation so everybody in attendance can see, no matter where they are sitting or standing.
  5. Get Attendees to Promote You! – For nonprofits that have embraced Twitter as a powerful social media tool, create a hashtag for your event, display it on the video wall and encourage attendees to Tweet about your event. Select the best tweets and feature them on your wall throughout the event.

Implementing a Video Wall is Easy

Chances are your organization does not employ a full-time audio-visual professional. But don’t let that stop you. An experienced video wall installer is only a phone call away (or a click of an online button). Video walls have gained in popularity over the last few years with many organizations realizing their potential as a valuable marketing tool and a way to interact with their target audiences. Simply search for video wall providers in your area and they’ll show you how to make your vision come to life.

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