How to build a smart donor receipt in 3 easy steps

84 percent of charities print their donors’ receipts on paper and deliver them by snail-mail.  On average, they then re-issue 10 percent of those same receipts.


Wasted paper, ink, and postage make that a considerable expense.  It is an avoidable one, however.  By building a receipt template that fits your organization’s workflow, you can be sure that you get your receipts right the first time.

Here’s how to do it in three easy steps:

Step One: Developing a Compliant Donor Receipt

In Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) determines the requirements charities must meet when administering donor receipts.  They’ve outlined their requirements in detail on their website, but we’ll summarize them for you here.

Monetary Receipts

In Canada, receipts for cash gifts must include:

  • Verbiage stating that the receipt is official and that its recipient can use it for tax purposes
  • The name and address of your charity, as recorded in the CRA’s files
  • A unique serial number
  • Your charity’s registration number (you should have received it from the CRA)
  • The name of the municipality where the receipt was issued
  • The date the receipt was issued
  • The first name, middle initial, last name, and home address of the receipt recipient
  • The amount of the gift
  • An authorized signature from one of your charity’s representatives
  • The name and website address of the CRA

Receipts for Non-Monetary Gifts

In Canada, receipts for gifts that aren’t monetary must also include:

  • The date your charity received the donation
  • A brief description of the gift
  • The name and address of whoever appraised the cash value of the gift (if you had it appraised)

Step Two: Building a Smart Template

Work smarter, not harder.

Those of us who work in the nonprofit sector know that burnout is a genuine, always-present concern. 

When we work too hard for too long, our mental and physical health suffers.  Mistakes inevitably sneak into our work and, when it comes to filling out legal documents, mistakes can be costly.  Luckily, the modern age has brought with it the wonders of automation.

Computers have always been efficient at performing repeatable tasks.  With today’s advances in artificial intelligence, our computers can also recognize precisely when a job should be repeated.

Causeview’s cloud-based artificial intelligence can tell when an organization needs a particular type of receipt and then generates it instantly without the possibility of human error.  The system can then deliver the receipt, either digitally or through the post, directly to your donor.

Step Three: Intelligent Archiving

Once you’ve built your receipt template, filled it out, and sent it off, your organization must keep copies of the documents for at least two years (excluding 10-year gifts).  Records for 10-year gifts must be kept until two years after your charity dissolves.

If your organization keeps paper records, your filing cabinets likely fill up fairly quickly.  Digital files, on the other hand, live in constant danger of being corrupted.

Cloud storage helps with both concerns.

By backing up your data on secure, off-site servers, you can feel confident that your donor receipts won’t be lost without weathering the bulky inconvenience of an analog filing system.

Causeview’s advanced cloud storage system lets you access, edit, and consolidate your charity’s files from anywhere while keeping them safe and confidential.  The system verifies your data integrity every week, allowing you to be confident that nothing will ever be deleted or misplaced.

Take the First Step

Causeview is a game-changing donor receipting application.

By integrating seamlessly with your existing Salesforce database, Causeview fits effortlessly into your organization’s workflow.  Its groundbreaking artificial intelligence keeps your receipts regulation-compliant, organized, and accessible.  Best of all, it’s automated.  

Finally, your team can stop worrying about issuing receipts and get back to what they do best:

Making a difference. 

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