Going paperless: How to transition your donors to digital receipting

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Here are three ways to  help them make the switch.

If you work with a well-established charity, most of your donors likely receive their donation receipts by mail. 

Often, when mature charities acquired their donors, everything was done on paper. Donors agreed to receive their receipts by snail-mail because, at the time, there was no alternative.

Today, we do have options that we can put to use. So, why don’t we?

Here are three tips to help you do just that by making your receipt system leaner, faster and more cost-effective.

Launching a “Help Us Go Paperless” Campaign

Your donors care about the world – it’s a donor prerequisite.  

By helping your organization go paperless, they’d help you mitigate North America’s negative environmental impact.

After all, a single metric ton of paper:

  • Uses 4.4 U.S. short tons of wood
  • Uses 8.2 million Watt-hours of power
  • Releases 19,800 pounds of CO2
  • Uses 23,600 gallons of water
  • Produces 1,300 pounds of solid waste

And that’s just the direct impact. Because everything in the natural world is connected, each disruption has far-reaching effects.

By allowing your donors to go paperless, you’re presenting them with the opportunity to help the environment at no cost to them. It’s just another checkmark they can add to their good deed lists – and another way they can help you help the world.

Using Incentives

As a nonprofit, you know how challenging it can be to get anyone to do anything for free.  

By now, you likely have a binder full of ideas designed to engage volunteers and boxes full of t-shirts and knickknacks to hand out at events. You know the value of a solid donor incentive.

Now’s as good a time as any to put them to use.

When you offer your donors a little something extra for making the jump to digital receipts, you may convince them that it’s worth their while.

Direct Appeals

A personal touch can move mountains.

Calling your donors directly gives you the chance to explain the benefits of digital receipts in terms they understand. Having a human-to-human conversation also reminds your donors that your organization is made up of people working hard to make the world a better place.

By going digital, they’d help you do that. Plus, using a digital receipt system is more convenient for them. Why wouldn’t they want to do it?

One size can fit all

Of course, before you pitch the benefits of a digital receipt system to your donors, you have to install one.

Luckily, if your organization uses the Salesforce platform, your charity is already set to go.

The Causeview Donor Receipt App integrates seamlessly with your nonprofit’s existing Salesforce database. It automates your charity’s receipt system by hosting an organized, secure and accessible portal that your organization can access from anywhere.

Using your unique login, Causeview gives you the power to access your charity’s customizable, revenue agency-compliant donor receipt templates remotely.  

When your non-profit receives a new gift, Causeview’s system automatically generates a receipt using the appropriate template. Using the software’s modular filing system, you can then consolidate each donor’s receipts with a few clicks of your mouse.

If your donors prefer to continue receiving their receipts in the mail, Causeview can support them with multiple postage options. Causeview’s team verifies each of your donors’ sets of contact and billing information weekly, so you don’t have to deal with frustrating receipt re-issues.

At Causeview, you save time, energy, and resources because we know that every moment and every dollar are precious when used for goodness.

Together, let’s make the world better.