Salesforce Winter 20 Release Highlights for Fundraisers

The Salesforce Winter 20 release will be deployed to customers worldwide starting on October 14th. What’s expected in the release that will impact Causeview users and other fundraisers using the Salesforce platform? Ahead, we explore four key enhancements and how they can benefit your donor management processes.

Schedule Flows to better delight your donors

The Salesforce Winter 20 release includes an enhancement to the Flow Builder functionality that we’re very excited about. Initially released in 2018, Salesforce’s Flow Builder allows users to setup a series of timed tasks and processes that help your team work more efficiently and reduce human error.happy man on computer - square

For example, you can create a Flow that will automatically:

  • Update records on a donor profile when certain conditions are met
  • Assign a task for a fundraiser to call a donor about a campaign
  • Send an email alert to a member of your team when a pledged gift payment is due

There’s much more that you can do with Flows. And now, a new update in the Salesforce Winter 20 release will also allow you to schedule your Flows to begin on a certain date. Prior to this, flows would need to manually initiated. By scheduling them in advance, you can set a whole process to occur when the time is right, even if it’s no longer top-of-mind.

Communicate with supporters through WhatsApp

Effective donor stewardship hinges on engaging your supporters and donors with the information they want in the most convenient manner for them. While direct mail, phone call, and emails are all common tools for fundraisers, more and more of your donors may now prefer to communicate by instant messaging.

With a new integration with WhatsApp, as part of the Salesforce Winter 20 release, you can now connect with your audience using the world’s most popular instant messaging application. Whether it’s appeals for new campaigns, updates on projects, or any other type of outreach, you can now send these messages through Salesforce and have each activity tracked in your donor profiles.

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Help users with In-App Guidance

Those using the Salesforce Lightning Experience will now be able to create helpful prompts for users on their team. This will allow you to train and inform users by sharing article links, pointing out specific features, and much more. You can also control who sees which prompts by segmenting them between users, and can manage details like how long they will remain visible.

View the Recycling Bin in Lightning Experience

In a small enhancement that is sure to please Lightning Experience users, Salesforce has added the ability to access the Recycling Bin without needing to revert to the Classic view. This will allow users to see and manage deleted records regardless of which experience they are in.

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