When is the right time to ask for a donation on LinkedIn?

October 19, 2017
Your school’s alumni are frequently using LinkedIn, and data shows that it’s a great place to engage them. As important as it is for your advancement department to stay connected with former...
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Setting a timeline for your fundraising event ticket sales

October 04, 2017
Whether free, paid, or somewhere in between, a lot of thought should go into fundraising event ticket sales and registrations.
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How to share your next fundraising event with those who can’t attend

September 28, 2017
There are several components to a successful fundraising event. Revenue generation is always a top priority, but engagement, public relations, and supporter excitement are all important as well.
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Key questions to ask before funding an advancement project

September 19, 2017
You’ve succeeded in hitting your advancement campaign goals and are ready to turn the revenue into impact for your school.
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4 elements to A/B test in advancement emails

September 14, 2017
You’ve probably heard marketing experts talking about A/B testing, and there’s a good reason why – especially for your school’s advancement campaigns! If you’re not familiar with it, A/B testing...
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3 ways Facebook Live video can support your advancement initiatives

September 06, 2017
If you’re a Facebook user – and most of us are, nowadays – you’ve probably heard and seen a lot about Facebook Live video streaming. But have you considered how it could help the advancement...
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Getting ready to meet with a prospective major donor to your school

August 29, 2017
The major gifts officer plays a crucial role in higher education advancement. While some advancement team members work on large-scale strategies to reach and appeal to large groups, major gift...
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How to involve students in advancement campaigns with on-campus events

August 23, 2017
Advancement initiatives most commonly target your school’s alumni, but what about your current students? They may have different motivations, but that doesn't mean they can't be activated, especially...
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4 types of projects higher education donors love to give towards

August 17, 2017
Higher education donors can give for a variety of reasons, but research shows that there are some common types of projects that motivate them more than others.
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Tips for reaching your school’s alumni on Facebook

August 08, 2017
We recently explored the social media channels you were most likely to find your school’s alumni on, and unsurprisingly, the answer was Facebook. In fact, 84% of those between the ages of 30-49 are...
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