How to build a smart donor receipt in 3 easy steps

January 27, 2021
84 percent of charities print their donors’ receipts on paper and deliver them by snail-mail.  On average, they then re-issue 10 percent of those same receipts.
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4 Ways to Handle One-Time and Recurring Gifts

January 04, 2021
As a nonprofit, your donor base is likely made up of a mix of one-time and recurring donors.
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Data Integrity 101: A Charity’s Cheatsheet

December 02, 2020
A well-maintained donor database can be a powerful tool for building, maintaining, and improving your organization’s relationships with its supporters. By affirming the integrity of the data within...
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Going paperless: How to transition your donors to digital receipting

November 16, 2020
Here are three ways to  help them make the switch. If you work with a well-established charity, most of your donors likely receive their donation receipts by mail.  Often, when mature charities...
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The Non-Profit Sector is Missing an Opportunity

October 27, 2020
A global shift is ramping up – and we’re being left behind. Expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic, North America’s move toward an online-first lifestyle is gaining ground within previously untouched...
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Why nonprofits should send fundraising emails on the weekend

October 02, 2020
Whether it’s a fundraising request or business promotion, the rule-of-thumb has always suggested that the middle of the week was best for sending emails. The logic is pretty sound: more people are...
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11 Top Fundraising Consultants Weigh In on Donation Request Letters

September 16, 2020
One of the most popular blogs that we’ve posted was about writing the perfect donation request letter. 
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4 donation follow-up emails that build donor loyalty

September 01, 2020
Individual donations are vital to any nonprofit’s success. But fundraising professionals know that their work isn’t done after a gift is made. In fact, the opportunity may only be beginning.
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Donor lifetime value is key to sustainable fundraising organizations

December 04, 2019
You’re probably familiar with the term “lifetime value” but you may not realize just how important the metric is to your long-term fundraising success.
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Salesforce Winter 20 Release Highlights for Fundraisers

October 11, 2019
The Salesforce Winter 20 release will be deployed to customers worldwide starting on October 14th. What’s expected in the release that will impact Causeview users and other fundraisers using the...
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