The Non-Profit Sector is Missing an Opportunity

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A global shift is ramping up – and we’re being left behind.

Expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic, North America’s move toward an online-first lifestyle is gaining ground within previously untouched demographics.

In a March report, Nicole Corbett, Nielsen Director of Intelligence, said, “There is little doubt that consumers’ uptake of technologies to stay informed and safeguard their health can instill confidence in a stressful period, and this may be the unforeseen catalyst to assert broader, longer-term adoption of technology platforms and solutions.”

From online classrooms to virtual supermarkets, we’re spending more time than ever in digital spaces.  In fact, research shows that we expect to have digital options whenever we interact with an organization.

Including non-profits.

In 2019, our industry processed 50 per cent of its donors’ gifts online.  In 2020, that number leaped up to 68 per cent.

Still, more than 80 per cent of receipts are sent out by traditional mail.  

That seems strange, doesn’t it?  We thought so too, so we decided to look into why.

Old Dogs Love the Mail Carrier

Simply put, North America’s non-profit sector suffers from a chronic case of “it’s-the-way-we-have-always-done-it”-itis.

Our in-house research revealed that many organizations, especially those with well-established, mature donor demographics, acquired their donors by running direct-mail campaigns.  While not especially efficient or cost-effective, analogue receipting systems are functional, and so continue to get used.

By leveraging the power of digital transformation, however, non-profits can redirect their time, resources and energy toward doing what they do best – helping people.

Causeview would like to help you get started.

We deliver charities an online platform that hosts, organizes and manages your donors’ receipts.  Using your organization’s secure login, you can access your non-profit’s customizable, regulation-compliant donor receipt templates remotely.  When your charity receives a new gift, Causeview’s intelligent document management system automatically generates a receipt using the appropriate template.  Whenever you like, you can consolidate each donor’s receipts with a few clicks of your mouse.

If your supporters prefer to receive a physical receipt in the mail, we can do that too.  

Book an online coaching call now to discuss how we can help refine your receipting process.